The puzzle on this floor involves flipping the switches numbered one through seven, which add up to create one whole number which determines where the single teleporter will take you. The trick is that instead of being worth their own value, each number is worth two to the power of its own value minus one. So each number is worth(aka binary):








The switches do not return to their original positions when you return to Gensokyo. Each switch turns off when touched a second time (You should probably take notes of which switches are on). The trick is indeed, combinations of on-off switches that lead to different places.

Teleporter locations:

B/T = Bottom/Top R/L = Right/Left

Total: Warp Point and/or Treasure

0~10: BL1 (Memo/Green Dream)

11: BL2 (Cosmic Muscle/Energy Crystal/Shuten Douji Bracelet/Omoikane's Insight) - Also has an one-way passage to the same place as 44~54

12~21: BR1 (Memo)

22~29, 31~32: BL3 (Memo)

30: TL1 (Glaive of Pain) - Also has an one-way passage to the same place as 108~117

33~43: BR3 (Memo)

44~54: BL4 (Memo)

55~58, 60~63, 65: BR2

59: TL2 (Holy Win)- Also has an one-way passage to the same place as 108~117

64: TR1 (Memo/Robe of Twilight)

66~76: BL5 (Memo)

77: Up (Stairs to 14F)

78~87: BR4 (Memo/10,000 SKP)

88~97: L (Memo/Magic Rainbow Crystal)

98~100, 102~107: R (Memo/15,000 SKP)

101: BR5 (Ribbon)

108~117: TL3 (Memo/Star World Ring)

118~120, 122~127: TR2 (Memo/Flandre Appears)

121: TR3 (Lion King's Soul)


Notable Enemies

Enemy 13F スパイラルダイバー

Spiral Divers are relatively fast (~180 speed) and have high attack. One of their skills, slash dive, will most likely kill any non-tank character in your team. Fortunately, slash dive only hits the first slot. However, their regular, weaker, slash can target any slot. They have low health, mind, and defense, so killing them with a fast character such as Chen before they get a turn is possible.

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