12F: Elder's Coffin

  • If you've followed the walkthrough on floors 10 and 11, all 4 failsafe locks should be activated and the battle with Eientei should be available. There are a couple other things to do before that, though.
  • After reaching the 12F relay point and when all switches are set to OFF, it's possible to reach Tenshi by backtracking to 10F and passing through the three gates there. Assuming you have recruited Iku, talking to Tenshi causes a butterfly to appear on each floor one through ten. Once all the butterflies are defeated, Tenshi herself can be fought and recruited.
  • On the path you took to get to the first blue switch, there's an area to the left which requires the green switch to be ON. If the red switch is OFF and the blue is ON, there are a couple of items, a sake jar shard, and the first event towards recruiting Flandre. If red is ON, there's an additional item to get.
  • Once the first Flandre event has been viewed, there's another on 12F in the northern area, which opens up the 13F event with her. All switches have to be set to ON, then flip the green switch on the left side to OFF to do the event.
  • If you haven't done all of the sidequests like recruiting Sanae, Suwako, Nitori, and Tenshi yet, it's recommended you do so before fighting Eientei. It's the hardest battle so far and you'll need all the levels you can get.
  • After reaching 14F, return to this floor and check the location where you fought the Eientei Trio. You'll encounter a new boss battle with Mokou.
  • After reaching 16F, you can return to visit Kaguya once more. If you've used Sanae, Reisen, Eirin, and Mokou enough (A total of 2000 Battle Points...), then you'll be able to fight Kaguya's Foe and finally recruit Kaguya.

Notable Enemies

Enemy 12F 鬼面独楽

Demon-Faced Tops are extremely fast and have a relatively strong physical attack. On top of that, they may spawn in groups of two to three, meaning that they can damage and possibly kill several members of your team before you have a chance to act. However, they have low health, mind, and defense, so spend some skill points in defense in order to survive their attack and kill them.




HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
180,000 70+ 0 0 Getitup V


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
240,000 70+ 0 0 Sunglasses


HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
120,000 70+ 30,000 24,000 Star of Elendil

The battle against Eientei is quite difficult. All three enemies are capable of using very strong magic which will quickly wipe out your party if you don't do something about it or heal constantly. Fortunately, all three are also somewhat vulnerable to paralysis. Komachi's Narrow Confines of Avici might look extremely useful, but Kaguya will counter by using Buddha's Stone Bowl, which nullifies any stat debuffs and applies a 33% bonus to all stats on top of that, making an already hard fight almost impossible (it's worth nothing that Buddha's Stone Bowl is only used if there are at least three individual stat debuffs on the enemy party, but keep in mind that all of them will have 0 debuff resistance, so any debuff proc WILL stick), so it's safer to stick to pure paralysis spells. One way to get around the debuff problem is actually to kill Kaguya before she ever gets a turn. Suwako's Moriya's Iron Ring spell is invaluable for this due to its high chance of long-lasting paralysis, and with the decreases to defense and mind that Narrow Confines of Avici inflicts, Kaguya's low HP can be whittled down very quickly. Eirin may use Hourai Elixir to heal Kaguya but this is more of a boon then anything, as it only heals about 15,000 health and makes keeping your party alive easier. For surviving their attacks, having a high MND character like Patchouli or Iku out is extremely helpful as they will take little to no damage from most of your opponent's attacks. Do note, however, that Eirin has Shadowstitch which is physical, so keeping them in the front slots (especially if it's Patchy) may still be risky.

Also, please note that Eirin and Kaguya can cast Astronomical Entombing and Hourai Barrage, respectively, both of which are SPI elemental, completely MND-ignoring, and devastatingly powerful. However, they are only cast under one of the two conditions - if you reduce their HP below a certain level (40k for Kaguya, 60k for Eirin), they will use Focus then cast their respectively doomsday spell next turn. Otherwise, if one of the two are dead, the other will have a respectable chance to cast it every turn. One of the easiest way to deal with them is to circumvent them entirely, and the easiest way do achieve that is to hit them with strong multi-target attacks until Kaguya focuses (she has less HP than Eirin), and unleash your big hits (boosted Master Spark, Linear Gun, etc.) to take her down before she gets Hourai Barrage out, then keep Eirin debuffed and perferably paralyzed as well to minimize the chance to eat an Astronomical Entombing. If you think that there is no way to avoid taking a potential hit, HP and SPI affinity are your only defenses against it (Komachi should survive at a decent level, and Meiling too if she has some SPI resists. Anyone else willneed MASSIVE SPI affinity, above 300s at least, to think about it). Reisen also has a doomsday spell, Mind Starmine (you may have seen it from her pervious battle already), which is activated the same way as Astronomical Entombing and Hourai Barrage (after Focus which is used at 40k HP or less, and after Eirin is dead). However, it does not ignore MND (about 2200 will more or less nullify it entirely assuming no buff or debuffs), and is not nearly as powerful as the other two. Besides, Reisen has 0 paralysis resistance and should more or less be kept as a non-issue if you are employing multi-target paralysis moves.

As long as you can avoid eating Eirin and Kaguya's doomsday spells and survive their constant barrages in the beginning, you should be fine with this fight. Don't believe for a second that it will be easy, however - even with proper planning, it is probably the hardest battle so far.

Fujiwara no Mokou

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
1,000,000 90+ 20000 20000 Fire God's Bracer

Mokou is one of those odd bosses where it's possible to fight the battle very patiently. This fight comes in two stages, a normal stage, where debuffs are the name of the game, and a "Berserk" stage, where Mokou will spam Fujiyama Volcano over and over until one side or the other dies. The key to winning this fight easily is how much you prepare for the second stage while still in the first stage of this fight. Since the change from stage one to stage two is based upon the damage you deal, you need to come prepared to prolong the fight as long as necessary to set up your endgame.

Right off the bat, Mokou uses Auto Healing on herself, which grants a small DEF/MND buff and causes her to heal 12000 HP every turn of hers for the rest of the battle. Mokou is immune to poison and death, significantly resists paralysis, but is completely vulnerable to debuffs. Like the Kaguya fight, however, she attempts to punish you for exploiting this. As soon as you hit her with a speed debuff (which you should do as much as possible), she uses Tsuki no Iwakasa's Curse, which is a composite wind attack, with a formula of ATK + MAG - (T.DEF + T.MND)/2, and debuffs your MAG and ATK by 50%. As long as she has a speed debuff and your team is not debuffed, she will ALWAYS use this attack, so it should be virtually the only ability you see Mokou use. She has 2500 ATK and MAG, and no debuff resistance, so if you can manage to get a combined DEF and MND score of over 2,500 (or better, 5,000), and have heavy (at least 30) debuff resistance, plus enough defense buffs to bring your effective DEF + MND to 5,000, you are immune to all of Mokou's damage in the first stage of this fight.

Although Mokou's listed HP is one million, you only need to do about a third of that to her; once below 688000 HP, she casts Resurrection, which reduces her to just 80000 HP. However, Resurrection clears all debuffs on her, makes her immune to all status effects and debuffs, and raises her speed by a significant amount. In addition, she'll spam Fujiyama Volcano, which will likely one-shot most of your party members, until either you beat her or lose. Resurrection itself has low delay, while Fujiyama Volcano will drain her entire active gauge, so it would be wise to keep characters with high HP and fire affinity out to survive the first wave and switch in strong damage dealers when Mokou's gauge is completely empty.

To defeat her easily, you should bring four nuke characters (Marisa, Patchouli, Youmu, Yuugi, Nitori, Suwako, Suika...), one with good defenses to force Mokou through stage 1 (which Patchouli is good at doing, as her sky-high mind score can easily be 4000 on its own with proper gear, making her invincible to a debuffed Mokou, and she can put out about 35,000 damage a shot of Silent Selene with buffs), and two or three powerhouses that will kill Mokou when she hits Berserk mode before Fujiyama Volcano can wipe out your party (Marisa's Master Spark's drawback of SP consumption is not applicable here, as you only need one super-powerful shot to knock her down) (Be aware that Mokou is heavily fire-resistant, so no Knockout In Three Steps). You will also need at least one tank capable of surviving the first Fujiyama Volcano in the party whenever you are trying to force the change to stage two. Other than that, you can fill your party with support characters who will buff your serious killers. Reisen's Discarder is especially effective, as she can drop every stat of Mokou's in one move, and once Mokou hits -50% in everything, you can just switch Reisen in after every turn Mokou takes to re-apply another dose. Komachi's Narrow Confines of Avici, meanwhile, is unusually not that great in this fight. Focus on bringing your nukes into the fight to get buffed up to max, before hiding them back in reserve before Mokou's debuffs can hit them. Ran can help with this by never needing to pull them out to begin with. You should also consider who you really want to make sure doesn't get hit by Mokou's debuffs (like your nukes and your healers), and ensure they have at least 30 debuff resistance so that they never have to worry about Mokou nerfing their damage. Finally, Reimu will have some serious use either healing or defense buffing your characters, especially early on, while Sanae's ability to buff everything at once will be very useful in making sure that your nukes are in top form when you pull them out.

Kaguya's Foe

HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
560,000 95+ 52000 40000 Dairokutenmaou Armor

Aside from bigger numbers, Kaguya's Foe is just a stronger-than-ever version of Tam's Foe and Sanae's Foe before it. Use fire resist gear to take the Flowing Hellfires, then switch in your heavy hitters.

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