11F: Road of Drinks

  • Once you've reached the 12F relay point, there's a path with three gates that all require the switches to be ON. From this point, go left and flip the green switch so you can proceed north. There's a large amount of treasure in this area, a sake jar shard, and a failsafe lock, so activate it.
  • Another failsafe lock is on 11F, just above the red switch. This requires that the blue switch be ON, which it should be. Right next to it there's some treasure and one of the events to recruit Yuyuko, which requires Chen to have at least 200 BP (if you have enough, the event will disappear after viewing it). Both require the the green switch to be ON. Set the red switch to OFF while you're there.
  • If the red switch is set to OFF, a new path be available north of the 12F relay point, which leads down to an unexplored area of 10F. It contains lots of new items, and in the northeastern corner, the third failsafe lock. There's also a 200 BP event with Youmu required for recruiting Yuyuko.
  • What comes next is a grueling journey of switch-flipping where you can't return to Gensokyo or save, through enemies that are more difficult than most of the ones you've seen so far. Equipping Chen or Aya with a TP-boosting item so you can run away from some battles should your party take a beating is recommended. Before you start, switch the master switch on 12F to turn all the switches ON.
  • When you're ready, access the 12F relay point, go through the three gates and flip the green switch OFF. Then, head through the maze and go down the southwestern stairs to 11F, and then the nearby stairs to 10F. To the north of the stairs and through a green barrier, there's a blue switch. Flip it, and then return to 12F.
  • Go through the maze and flip the green switch ON, then return to 10F via the stairs again.
  • With the green switch ON and the blue switch OFF, you can go to the right to access the red switch on 10F. Turn it OFF.
  • Return to 12F, and turn the green switch OFF (for a Tenshi event.) Now, head towards the southwest corner. There are gates which require the red and blue switches to be OFF, which they should be. Down in the corner, there's the last failsafe lock. Activate it, take a deep breath, and then return to Gensokyo and save.

Notable Enemies



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