10F: Iron Labyrinth

  • From the start point, it's possible to access stairs up to 11F and 12F, but going any further is impossible due to a door that requires releasing several fail-safe locks to open. Opening the locks is a long puzzle that spans all three floors.
  • The main thing that blocks your path are the red, blue, and green barriers. There are switches to turn them ON and OFF, but flipping one affects all the barriers of that color, so opening some paths will close others.
  • On the map, colored spots with a white + sign (in-game, there will be a shining white orb in the middle) can only be passed when the corresponding switch is turned ON, while ones with a black + sign can only be passed when the switch is OFF. The symbols with a yellow + sign are the ON/OFF switches. All switches are initially set to OFF.
  • Your first objective is to get to the 12F relay point. To do this, all switches need to be turned ON.
  • Aside from the ones right next to the 9F stairs, there are two other stairs you can initially access. You'll have to loop around to access it, but to the lower left of the starting point is a stairway which leads to 11F. There are two switches accessible from this stairway. Directly north is a red switch, while slightly south and a ways to the east there's a 12F stairway which leads to a green switch.
  • The other accessible stairway, which leads to 11F, is northeast of the 9F stairs. Northeast of this stairway is another which leads to 12F. South of this, there's a blue switch, though it can only be accessed if the red and green switches have already been turned ON.
  • Once the blue switch is ON, another stairway to 11F (east and slightly north of the 9F stairs) becomes available. This leads to a sizable area which contains a lot of treasure, an event with Patchouli which is required to recruit Yuyuko (she needs at least 200 BP - if the event disappears after viewing, you had enough) and stairs to 12F in the southeast corner of the map. These stairs lead to the 12F relay point, and a master switch that can turn all of the switches ON (but not OFF). See 11F for the rest of the puzzle.

Notable Enemies

Puppet Tops: These extreme speedsters tend to move TWICE before you do. They don't do much damage, but they are not particularly fond of mages.


10 Floor



HP Level Recommendation EXP Skill Points Drop
128,000 65+ 14000 10800 Dairokutenmaou Armor
Like her playable-character self, Tenshi has absolutely ridiculous DEF and MND; unless you are significantly overleveled, most attacks (even Silent Selene) will be useless unless you make significant use of buffs and debuffs. Fortunately, her HP is fairly low, and she is fully vulnerable to poison and fairly vulnerable to debuffs. Once Tenshi goes below a certain HP threshold, she will use Focus, and follow with Violent Motherland next turn. It will deal about 8000 points of damage minus 1.5 times your character's defense to all characters at once, which is probably more than your characters will survive, but is Nature-elemental, so preparing at least four characters with Nature-affinity items or massive buffing and debuffing are needed to survive the blast. She will use the move three times during the fight (with 100k, 60k and 15k as the thresholds), and will give your characters a warning by using Focus first (which drops her action gauge to empty as well, giving you plenty of time to prepare). Also, once her HP goes below 50k she will have a chance of use State of Enlightenment, which will max out her DEF and MND, and it's extremely unlikely you will be able to damage her until the buff subsides to more reasonable levels.

With all that said, be aware that she is extremely vulnerable to status effects - she has no poison resistance, very little debuff resistance, and only moderate paralysis resistance. Poison ignores Tenshi's defense, so Wriggle, Yuugi, and Komachi have significant use, especially if you combine it with either speed down effects (Cirno or Komachi) or Paralysis effects (Yuugi, Suwako, or Komachi). In fact, Komachi's Narrow Confines of Avici are utterly devastating to Tenshi, and can single-handedly turn a difficult battle into a cakewalk, ripping her vaunted defense apart, inflicting poison, crippling her action time, and possibly paralyzing to boot. Make use of as many buffing abilities as you possibly can while Tenshi is kept slow or paralyzed, and consider only bringing a few damage dealers (only Yuugi, Marisa, and Nitori can really deal damage to Tenshi). If you take Meiling, it might actually be better to use her Healing spell for minor heals between Tenshi's attacks, especially if all you have is Reimu and Sanae for healing, who are better used for their supports. Keeping Tenshi's speed down makes the fight tremendously easier in general; When Tenshi uses focus, it gives you a full action bar that you can make very slow while you will hopefully have made yourself very fast.

Once Tenshi uses focus, if you manage to drop her down to the next HP threshold for using Violent Motherland, she will instead use Focus again, and restart the effective countdown - if you've already used poison, it is possible to completely bypass Violent Motherland by simply going into damage-dealing overdrive at this point - if you have reduced Tenshi's DEF or MND to at least -35% and have been abusing Ran, Sanae, and/or Iku's buffs as much as possible, you can use Nitori, Yuugi, and Marisa to inflict 25,000, 20,000, and 35,000 damage apiece, even around level 50. It may be a risk, but going into damage overdrive may make defense beyond the initial part of the fight completely pointless, and make the fight much faster and easier if you can pull it off, although it requires most of your team being dedicated buffers or debuffers.

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