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Ten Desires - Omake.txt

○Stage 2 Boss Sutra-Reciting Mountain Spirit

Kyouko Kasodani
Species: Yamabiko
Ability: Power to Reflect Sound Waves

You may have shouted "Yahooooo!" while climbing a mountain. If someone else shouts "Yahooooo!" in response, it must've been a Yamabiko.

She lives in mountains and when she hears a cheerful sound, she replies with a loud voice. A good youkai with a kind heart.

However, these days, superstitions like "Mountain echoes are only reflections of your sound waves returning you—" has become a common belief. Realizing the emptiness of paganism, she decided to become a Buddhist discipline.

Her ability works well with reciting Buddhist sutras. It is part of her daily routine while in the mountains.

Thus, she was recently known as "a sutra-reciting voice coming from a deserted mountain" and she was able to recollect her place as a youkai.

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