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Kyouko in Fan Culture

  • Because of her ears, she's often portrayed as a canine, with various attributes a dog may have. Of course, Yamabiko are not dogs.
    • Because of this, Kyouko is often paired with Momiji who is also a dog-like youkai, granted she is actually a Wolf Tengu.
  • Both Yoshika and Kyouko appear in the demo of Ten Desires, which has caused a pairing between the two.
    • After the release of the full-game, this pairing has died down significantly and is rarely seen in more recent fanart.
  • Several gags revolving around her ability have been put to use in fanon. For example, others tricking Kyouko into echoing something dirty.
  • Seeing as Kyouko lives in the Myouren Temple, Byakuren is often shown to act motherly towards her, often laying in Byakuren's lap or being patted.
  • Due to Kyouko's spontaneous and surprising nature, she's often seen with Kogasa with whom she goes around trying to scare various youkai moes.

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