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Fun Facts

  • "Konngara" is a numerical value, equivalent to 10 to the power of 112.
  • Meira and Konngara bare a striking resemblance to each other. They also share a single kanji in their names (羅), which means either "silk" or "gauze" or "Latin".
  • Konngara may be a reference to an attendant of the Fudoo Myoo-oo, the Japanese name for the Wisdom King Acala (Ācalanātha in Sanskrit), in Shingon Buddhism. Fudoo Myoo-oo is a violent figure, who burns away material desire with his flames. He is often depicted with fire and a sword, and attendants 'Konngara Dōji' and 'Seitaka Dōji', who are sometimes considered part of Fudoo Myoo-oo's 'Eight Great Youths'. Some artwork presents Konngara as male, or as an attendant of a deity. At least one text refers to Konngara as a yaksha, which are quasi-deities of a generally tutelary & benevolent character, but also sometime as malevolent, and hence why one might banished to jigoku (hell). See JAANUS link here.
  • In Highly Responsive to Prayers, she is the only boss to only have facial expressions when battling Reimu. Which could give the player a clue to the attacks she is about to use.
  • Konngara lacks any apparent legs (from the knee down) in-game, which could possibly be a reference to Dante's Divine comedy, there the devil is portrayed as waist deep in the ice of Judecca.

Konngara's facial expressions.

  • Konngara possibly could have been the inspiration for Meira

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