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Original artstyle of KKHTA

Koishi Komeiji's Heart-Throbbing Adventure (古明地こいしのドキドキ大冒険 abbrev. KKHTA) is a psychological horror and gore video series created by Sentaku-bune and uploaded to nico nico douga since 2009.

It portrays Koishi Komeiji, the main character, as a yangire who is overly-attached to her hat, which leads to her signature quote: "My hat is my friend. It helps me relax." She also shows kindness towards any person who fulfills her desires, but is capable of fatally injuring anyone who refuses to do so, even with her bare hands. She only shows unconditional love towards her sister Satori.

The art style of KKHTA is highly recognizable. All characters have pure white skin and huge ovoid eyes and pupils (some characters also have pure black eyebags). Most characters have long, thin limbs, with also long, sharp claws as fingers. However, the art style has significantly changed, becoming more detailed and in some cases, generic (see episode 12) and sometimes shifts back.


WARNING: Spoilers Below

One day, Koishi goes to the surface to catch some fish at the Misty Lake, but she forgot to bring a fishing rod. She then decides to borrow one from the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Knowing Koishi is a dangerous girl, people from SDM refuse to let her in and give her a fishing rod, leading to a bloody fight which ends in Meiling and Flandre fatally injured.

Embarrassed by her sister's actions, Satori goes to SDM to apologize and accept any punishment as replacement of Koishi, who had been imprisoned at the Palace of the Earth Spirits for her own sake. She then reveals that Koakuma is evil-hearted and demands Patchouli release her. Patchouli refuses to believe what Satori says and this leads to another fight at the Mansion.

From that point on, several people from Gensokyo became violent and sadistic against youkai or humans. This behavior is later revealed to be caused by staring at the Moon, which implies the Lunarians have something to do behind this incident.

Starting episode 13, the plot changes to a side-story taking place in the Outside World, which explains the birth of the Komeiji sisters and Koishi's behavior, plus the relation of the main characters with the main villains.

Episode 19 will be the finale of the series, and will also be divided in nine parts. The first three parts were released during July 2014.




Minor Good Characters


Minor Villains

Slaughtered or Tortured Characters

Space Kaijus


Fun Facts

  • Although most music used in the videos consists of Touhou original themes or some of their arranges; it has also used other popular themes such as "Parade" from the movie Paprika at the end of episode 5, or "20th Century Boy" by T.Rex at the end of episode 8.
  • A scene from episode 11 shows Tenshi as part of the hero group. However, Tenshi hasn't appeared in the series at all.

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