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Kogasa in Fan Culture

  • Due to Reimu A's scenario, where Kogasa utters the word "sadism" (even though Reimu points out that it should be the opposite) the phrase 「さでずむ」 or "sadism" has become a meme associated with Kogasa.
  • She is also often depicted as bullied by Sanae, possibly because of Sanae's cold words in her dialogue in UFO (Although Reimu's dialogue with her was a lot colder in comparison).
  • There has been some question as to which is the actual Kogasa, the girl or the umbrella. A number of people have expressed their opinion that the girl is merely a spiritual extension of the true Karakasa.
    • An artist named sisenshyo has made a personification of Kogasa's umbrella, which consists on a male character wearing purple japanese clothes and a black eyepatch.

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