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  • In response to questions from fans, ZUN revealed some hints of her profile:
    • Devils are a mighty race from Gensokyo, like magicians or vampires. But Koakuma is far weaker. (NOTE: According to this, "Little Devil" seems to be a generic term for some weak devils, although it is usually regarded as a personal name of the midboss of EoSD stage 4.)
    • Like fairies, she is carefree and mischievous, often behaves thoughtlessly.
    • She settles in Scarlet Devil Mansion (probably, in the library).
    • She is one of normal-enemy class (not boss-class) characters. There are many such characters, and they are not given any special role in the story.

Th06Koakuma (Koakuma as she appears in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)

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