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Koakuma in Fan Culture

  • In many fan-fictions, she is regarded as a familiar of Patchouli. In those fictions, she works as a librarian and a personal servant of Patchouli. Some of those fictions also portray Koakuma as originating from Makai.
  • Similar to how the Scarlet Devil Mansion has many fairy maids, some fans imply that there are multiple Koakuma as opposed to just one.
  • In many fictions, she is described to be very obedient, steady and good-natured, on the contrary to ZUN's official profile. This personality is acknowledged before ZUN replied to the question, and it is one of exceptional example of a fan-made profile which is accepted by a large majority (but not all fans).
    • After ZUN's reply, some people described more impish and mischievous Little Devil in their fan-fictions. Today, various Little Devils exist in fan-fictions: Obedient and steady, impish and mischievous, or hybrid of them.
  • Koakuma is sometimes drawn by fans having a pair of black, bat-like wings on her back to match the ones on the sides of her head.
  • Some fans have given Koakuma the catchphrase "Koa." In extreme cases, she's shown as being able to speak only this phrase.

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