It was late at night. As usual, Patchouli Knowledge was reading a book and Koakuma were having a rest so all was quiet. Too quiet...Patchouli finished her book and got up to get another one but that was when she noticed it. Outside the window, the moon was full and was deep blood red. Patchouli stared at the moon in awe but also in fear.

"This is...a red moon? But how..." She questioned herself.

She knew that something was wrong. Why was there all of a sudden a red moon? Especially in august, the night of the corn moon. Patchouli was curious and wanted to know what happened so she decided to go out. Although she's not much of a fan of outside, the determination to solve the mystery of the red moon was strong.

"A red moon on a night like this? There must be something afoot. Not to mention I sense something weird is going on."

As she walked down through the hall, she passed by Remilia who was surprised to see Patchouli.

"Patchy, you're out of your room! Is the world about to end?"

"Very funny Remilia." Patchouli replied sarcastically.

“But did you notice the moon?"

"The moon? What about it?"

"it's blood red, and it's august."

"So? What's it to you, it's a beautiful night. This don't happen a lot so you should just enjoy it."

"Tsk, you don't understand. I'll see you later then Remilia." Patchouli said disappointed.

"Okay, whatever. Say, have you seen Flandre? She doesn’t seem to be in the basement."

"Sorry, I haven't"

"Fine. I'll catch you later."

When Patchouli finally got outside, she looked up at the red moon. Although she wanted to investigate she did not know where to start.

"If there is no beginning then there would be no end..."

"I think you got that phrase wrong lady Patchouli." Meiling, the gatekeeper, told her.

"Does it really matter? At lease it sounds smart right?" Patchouli replied jokingly.

"It seems to be one heck of a night, you're outside and you're trying to make jokes." Meiling laughed.

"Shut up and do your work gatekeeper."

"Fine, fine. So if you don't know where to start looking, what’s the point?"

"I know that. I'm trying to figure out myself. Where can I go to get some knowledge about the moon?"

"Hmmmm...Oh, I know!"

"Spill it then."

"You can ask the Lunarians since they're from the moon. They might know."

"Yes...good point. But where can I find Lunarians in Gensokyo...?"

"I think I know one. Her name was Reisen. We talked a little last time and she did say she was a fugitive from the moon."

"Can you tell me where she is?"

"I don't know, but she did say she lived in someplace called Eientei, somewhere deep in the bamboo forest. That’s what I heard anyway."

"I see...Thank you then. I'll be off."

Patchouli went off.

"Have fun!" Meiling shouted. When Patchouli was a fair distance away from the mansion, she remembered something.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Remilia told me something about Flandre. Hmmm...It's probably nothing." She said to herself. A painful scream then came from the gate.

"Eientei is it...?" she mumbled as she walked on with the light of the Blood red moon illuminating her way.

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