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Fun Facts

  • Tsurube otoshi (lit. bucket dropper) are a type of youkai believed to have originated in the Chuubu region of Japan. They usually live atop trees, and when humans come close to the tree a bucket or a severed head drops down and eats them. They are also sometimes depicted as flaming spirits. Moreover, the meaning "The sunset of autumn is instant" has the expression of "Aki no hi wa Tsurube otoshi (An Autumn Day is the one like the dropped bucket. )" in Japanese.
  • According to ZUN, her name is written in katakana to give it an old feel, and it's not written in kanji because "that would make her seem too strong."
  • In Symposium of Post-mysticism, ZUN suggests that it is possible that the head shown in Kisume's bucket is not her own and may be the remains of a human corpse.
  • Both her and Yamame Kurodani use the same background during the use of spell cards.
  • Kisume's portrait is significantly lower in resolution than most of ZUN's other character portraits.
  • She is sometimes shown paired with Yamame.
  • Kisume is known to not wear a type of headgear.
  • Kisume is the most mysterious character out of all the windows characters due to her lifestyle and very little known info.

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