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Book Synopsis

Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red

Main article: Article and Interview: Keine

Summary of the article goes here.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense

PMiSS keine
Main article: Perfect Memento: Keine Kamishirasawa
  • Keine is the wisest of the half-beasts.
  • Upon seeing the full moon, she will transform into a hakutaku.
  • She was not born a were-hakutaku, though.
  • A hakutaku is a youkai which appears to virtuous rulers to guide them.
  • She can erase history while human and create history while a hakutaku.
  • The history of Gensokyo is that which is created by her. Things don't become history merely by happening, they must be made history.
  • This history is later passed on to the Hieda family.
  • Keine runs a school in the village. However, the village children think her lessons are boring.
  • She is edgy on the night of the full moon, since she has a lot of work to do.

The Grimoire of Marisa

Main article: The Grimoire of Marisa: Keine Kamishirasawa's Spell Cards
  • Insert Summary Here

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