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Wild and Horned Hermit

東方茨歌仙 official website
○Ibaraki Kasen (Pseudonym: Ibarakasen)
One-armed horned hermit

A hermit living in the mountains, repeatedly training. She's said to appear frequently in the village and shrine and give them a nice scold. Having the ability to guide animals, even controlling such fantastic beasts as dragons and the cryptid Dapeng.

Urban Legend in Limbo official website

Menace! The Hermit Who Listens to Wishes

Ibaraki Kasen

Occult "Monkey's Paw"

A hermit who takes pride in her broad range, utilizing her phantasmagoric arm and the animals she keeps as pets, which compensates for the drawbacks of her speed.
Her Occult Attack “The Inescapable Monkey’s Paw”, is a monkey’s paw that allows for remote control; a super convenient attack that grips a hold of far-away enemies!

Antinomy of Common Flowers official website

Taoist-Minded and Animal-Loving Hermit

Kasen Ibaraki

"If we want to find out who spread this rumor,
our only option is to jump into the thick of things."

A meddlesome Taoist hermit who's loved by animals.

She quickly responds to the Perfect Possession incident and teams up with Reimu, but after realizing that the usual approach won't work, she starts the shrine maiden on some special training.

Her biggest selling points are her "arm's" irregular melee moves, and her pets' colorful variety of attacks.