Butterfly Journey

Arrange: D.watt
Lyrics: 七条レタス
Vocal: あさな

floatin' through the space, goin' between the flowers
like a, like a butterfly
openin' it's feathers to flutter so brightly
that's all of the illusion

now we are singing, seein' at field of flowers
like a, like a butterfly
same as the the vision that left on their heart
shown the scenery of past

蝶のようにはらはら浮かび 花々の間を往く
羽を開き導く声に 消える幻

蝶のようにはらはら浮かび 空と地の間を往く
遠い過去と同じ模様に 光放つ幻

I'll show your trip
livin' in illusion
like a butterfly
like a butterfly

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