January 3

*Daily Log later*

I was on the Moriya Shrine. Still I feel dizzy to all the previous encounter with the other god... And that warning... I still don't get it. Then suddenly I was hitted by a wave of danmaku... It was Kanako, but why? "Did I did something wrong?" I yelled but she didn't answered but and instead she rain more bullets on to me... "I... I can't fight at this moment! What is the reason?" I feel... it's happening again... Like what happen on November 14... Then suddenly I saw another a familiar figure... It was Byakuren... But it was an... illusion? She attack me as well. "This is... Not good. A danmaku battle is never fought like this... unless it's some sort of trick." Then the last moments, Someone block Kanako's Onbashira attack. "Sanae-san?" I never thought she will appear to help... but. "You better go now!" She yelled "Lady Kanako isn't here! Someone is toying on you!" "What!?" I dunno who it is but, the last moment she blew me with such strong wind... That I was unable to see where I'm going... Then I waked up... I was on the Forest of Magic and Marisa is standing in top of me. "Hey, are you okay?" She asked "I'm... I'm fine..." I replied... then suddenly I fainted, I still feel the pain on my body due to the impact... But why?

January 6

January 10

January 11

January 15

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