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Circle Japanese name: 石切場
Circle English name: Stone quarry
Artist: 両神 了 (Ryou Morogami)

Ishikiriba has drawn quite a lot of comics that fall under the main series and numerous short story groups. The main series is actually drawn in parallel (interleaving) to all the other work, but otherwise everything is sorted by date. As there are quite a lot of strips, keeping track of the order would be tedious should there be gaps, which is why even untranslated stuff is uploaded. This is a work (indefinitely) in progress, please bear with it.

Moromanga Room

Attention: This comic is indefinitely ongoing; the archive might not be up to date. - Moromanga Room ch01-47.rar

01 - Moromanga room 01

02 - Moromanga room 02

03 - Moromanga room 03

04 - Moromanga room 04

05 - Moromanga room 05

06 - Moromanga room 06

07 - Moromanga room 07

08 - Moromanga room 08

09 - Moromanga room 09

10 - Moromanga room 10

11 - Moromanga room 11

12 - Moromanga room 12

13 - Moromanga room 13

The following is a "pick your own story" -strip with 4 possible outcomes.

14 - Sudden Impulse

14a - Sudden Impulse A

14b - Sudden Impulse B

14c - Sudden Impulse C

14d - Sudden Impulse D

15 - A New Viewpoint

16 - The Former Perfectural Capital

17 - The Ghost Behind

18 - Famous Scene

19 - Can't be Left Alone...

20 - Dicipline is Called Coercion

21 - Drunkard's Feast

22 - Ghost Girl

23 - Dreamy Occasion

24 - Fun Boundary Traveling

25 - Adorable Evil Child

26 - Daily Training

27 - Idiot Barrier

28 - How to Play with Keine

29 - Sakuya Production

30 - Teary Three Sisters

31 - I hear it is inflammable.

32 - Doubt Surfaces

33 - Sushi Round and Round

34 - Nostalgic Blood

35 - Help, master...

36 - Alice's Counterattack

37 - It's kind of late, but...

38 - Drunken Boxing 2

39 - Youmu, with all your might.

40 - Gentle Keine

41 - Paradise... Pure Land

42 - Sentimental Season

43 - Room of Hobbies

44 - Smooth-skinned Maiden

45 - Ufufu...

46 - Fall is Also Yuyuko Time

47 - Please, Sensei...

Moromanga Special Edition Kamishirasawa Compilation (untranslated)
















Project L (untranslated)














Alice Santa

Download: Alice Santa zip
Gallery: [ Alice Santa]

Inside the Scarlet Mansion

Download: Inside the Scarlet Mansion zip
Gallery: [ Inside the Scarlet Mansion]

Keine, Mokou's Tutor

Translated by teru, edited by Akuun.

Download: Keine, Mokou's Tutor zip
Gallery: [ Keine, Mokou's Tutor]

Yagokoro Lab

Download: Yagokoro Lab zip
Gallery: [ Yagokoro Lab]

Modus Operandi

Download: Modus Operandi zip
Gallery: [ Modus Operandi]

Kourin Shop Madness

Download: Kourin Shop Madness zip
Gallery: [ Kourin Shop Madness]

Kourindou Business

Download: Kourindou Business zip
Gallery: [ Kourindou Business]

Santa Sakuya

Download: Santa Sakuya zip
Gallery: [ Santa Sakuya]

Yakumo Household Account Book

Download: Yakumo Household Account Book zip
Gallery: [ Yakumo Household Account Book]

The Most Moe Situation

Download: The Most Moe Situation zip
Gallery: [ The Most Moe Situation]

Ghost Pair

Translated by Nameless Fairy and Tiger, edited by Aortic.

Download: Ghost Pair zip
Gallery: [ Ghost Pair]

Mari Santa

Translated (and edited?) by Anonymous of 4chan, re-edited in most part by Mysterio006.

Download: Mari Santa zip
Gallery: [ Mari Santa]

Scarlet Devil Mansion Bathtime

Translated by Nameless Fairies and Pilpsie, edited by Aortic.

Download: Scarlet Devil Mansion Bathtime zip
Gallery: [ Scarlet Devil Mansion Bathtime]

Yama Paradise (2007-05-20)

Translated by a Nameless Fairy, edited by Rukaroa.

Download: Yama Paradise zip
Gallery: [ Yama Paradise]

At That Time, At That Place, You Were There (2007-05-20)

See: New Gensokyo Cinema#At That Time, At That Place, You Were There

Summer Mokou

Download: Summer Mokou zip
Gallery: [ Summer Mokou]

Kappa Roll

Download: Kappa Roll zip
Gallery: [ Kappa Roll]

You GOD mail! (2009-03-08)

Translated by Nietz, edited by Kyon.

Download: - You God Mail.rar You GOD mail! zip
Gallery: [ You GOD mail!]

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