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Circle Japanese name: くろがね堂
Author: 鳴海柚来 (Yuki Narumi)

White Rabbit's Long Night (????-??-??)

Translated by AC, Cardcaptor and Sushi-Y, edited by Mysterio006.

Download: White Rabbit's Long Night zip
Gallery: [ White Rabbit's Long Night]

The Moon and the Hourai Doll (2004-12-30)

Translated by Pilpsie, edited by Jiu.

Download: The Moon and the Hourai Doll zip
Gallery: [ The Moon and the Hourai Doll]

Flowers of Heaven (2005-12-30)

Translated by Pilpsie, edited by Arsen.

Download: Flowers of Heaven zip
Gallery: [ Flowers of Heaven]

Mountain Green, Blossom Blown (2005-10-01)

See: Seasonal Dream Vision: Comics#Mountain Green, Blossom Blown

Prismriver- Bonds of Love (2005-12-29)

See: Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red: Comics#Prismriver- Bonds of Love


Scarlet Devil Mansion Bar (note, not a oneshot, part of a larger doujin)

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