After the events of Double Dealing Character, the residents of Gensokyo have created signs, ordering the capture of Seija Kijin and whoever captures her, wins a reward. To capture her, they have begun to use spell-cards that are deemed impossible to dodge (by the youkai). Seija begins to use her cheating items to out-cheat the impossible spell-cards which she had gathered bewteen the events of Double Dealing Character.

Later on, The tengus begin writing newspapers reports about Seija, making stronger and more powerful residents to attempt to capture her. However, in the 8th day of the hunt, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna appears before Seija and attempts to talk Seija out of cheating anymore and she turns on Seija and she tells the most powerful residents of Gensokyo where she is. In the end, Seija evades capture but she has lost all of her friends but she claims that Amanojaku cannot make friends in the first place.

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