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Forward to:


ここ幻想郷の暑さも夜になるとすっかり退き、人間にとっても妖怪にとっても快適な季節 だった。

Summer is drawing to a close. Soon, chirping crickets will take over for buzzing cicadas.
Gensokyo's hot nights are cooling down, making it a comfortable time for humans and youkai alike.


Times are peaceful as usual.
From a human perspective, anyway.

東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night.


ここは、幻想郷の境に存在する古めかしい屋敷。その歴史を感じさせる佇まいは、如何な る者の来訪をも拒んでいる様だった。この家には何故か人間界の道具と思われるものが幾 つか在る。用途のわからない機械、書いてある事がまるで理解できない本、雑誌。

There is an old mansion located at the edge of Gensokyo.
Its history radiates a kind of atmosphere that rejects visitors.
Items that look as though they might be from the outer world have somehow found their way into this house. Strange machines, books that make no sense, magazines...

外の世界では映像受信機だったと思われる鉄の箱も、只の霊気入れになっていた。人の形 が映っていた物には霊も宿りやすいのよと、彼女は自分の式神に教える。

One such object, an iron box that was once a television, now serves the role of spiritual storage.
"Spirits can live well in something that used to display human shapes," she'd say to her shikigami.

境界の妖怪『八雲 紫(やくも ゆかり)』はここに居た。

This is the home of Yukari Yakumo, the youkai of boundaries. Ever since becoming aware of a slight abnormality in Gensokyo, she hasn't been able to sleep well, even during the day.

敵の姿は確認取れなかったが、『こんな』事が出来ると言う事はかなりの強力な者である と想像できた。しかし、普段余り出歩かない彼女にとって自分から動く事は、凄く面倒な 事だったのだ。

The enemy was yet to be seen, but she was certain that it must have taken someone powerful to pull that off. She doesn't get out often, however, and it will be bothersome for her to take an action alone.


"Hey, I can rope her in and let her handle this problem."

こうして紫は、同じく幻想郷の境に存在する神社を目指して出かけた。そこに一人の知り 合いの人間がいる。


So she set out for the shrine, another building located at the edge of Gensokyo.
There's a human that she knows there.

It's a carefree person who always happens to be bored, so she'll gladly undertake the task of resolving whatever trouble there is.



It smells ominous. It is said that the forest eats humans. Humans usually maintain a safe distance from it.

Its atmosphere constantly brims with an unearthly evil.



The Forest of Magic, a place where all the evil in Gensokyo naturally gathers.

Within that forest, small human figures are gathered into a small building.
Human figures smaller than humans.


The rainbow-colored puppeteer, Alice Margatroid, is reading books amidst a mountain of dolls.


"How can humans possibly not be aware of this huge disaster?"

このままではいつものアレが楽しめないじゃない。普段は余り出歩くことの無い彼女だっ たがみんな異変に無関心だった為、調査に乗り出てみる事にした。

If nothing is done, we won't be able to enjoy that.
She isn't the type of person who gets out often, but no one else was interested in the problem, so she set out to investigate for herself.


Or rather, she tried to.


"I don't like this, they're used to this kind of thing, so they should do it."
"Yeah, really."

敵の見当もつかないし、どうすればよいのかわからない。思いあぐねて、同じくこの森に 住む人間の処へ向う事にした。

She knew nothing about the enemy and had no idea how to get started.
In the end, she decided to visit a human who also lived in the forest, to let her take care of the issue.


She brought a few books along...
Grimoires. Books that any human would find extremely rare and difficult to get ahold of.
That person would never be able to refuse such an offer.



"Sakuya, where are you?"

ここは湖のほとりにある洋館、紅い建物。今日もけたたましい声が響く。湖の白と森の緑、 そこに建つ紅い洋館。どぎつい取り合わせのはずなのに不思議と落ち着いていた。

There is a mansion located next to a lake; a scarlet mansion. A shrill voice was echoing all through its halls, as usual.
Between a lake of glistening white and a forest of verdant green stood a mansion of unyielding scarlet. It should be an awkward sight, but strangely, it's very soothing.


It is said that time stops flowing within this mansion, the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It's not a metaphor.


Remilia Scarlet, a vampire, was looking for her personal maid.


"Have you already done that as I asked?"
"I beg your pardon, my Lady, but I couldn't get what actually you meant to..."


Unfortunately, she was apparently unsuccessful at communicating with the human before her.


"Fine! I'll do it myself, Sakuya, so you do daily stu... Well, whatever you want."

留守番を命じていない事は明白だった。結局メイドはお守り役として付いて行かざるを得 ない。日が昇ったら一人じゃ自由が効かない癖に、と思いつつ……

Obviously, she had not been ordered to stay home. After all, as a maid, it was her duty to attend her mistress. "You know that you won't be able to do anything after sunrise," she said in her heart.

こんなに平和だし何か起きている様にも見えないし、ちょっと動いたら疲れて戻ってくる でしょう、とメイドは軽く思っていた。もちろん口には出せない。

It's so peaceful and nothing in particular is happening, so she'll just go back home once the mistress gets tired, the maid thought lightly. Of course, that too was left unspoken.


幻想郷でもここ程静かな場所も無いだろう。ただ、荒涼としているわけではない。何か魂 が休まるような静かさなのだ。荒ぶる者の声も聞こえない、豊かな自然に爽やかな風の音 だけが聞こえる。

No other place in Gensokyo can match the silence of this place. It isn't simply bleak. It has an atmosphere that calms the soul. There is no sign of any disturbance; nature's bounty and refreshing wind is the sole source of motion and sound.



This is the Netherworld, the land of the dead.

There isn't a living human anywhere to be found. The ghosts there, however, enjoy a lively afterlife.


"So, Lady Yuyuko's not aware of this?"

庭師『魂魄 妖夢(こんぱく ようむ)』はお嬢様に異変を伝えようか迷っていた。

The most vivid and largest place in this quiet world. The Hakugyokurou.
Youmu Konpaku, a gardener, was pondering whether to tell her mistress about a most recent incident.
At that moment, she found her lady heading toward her. Good timing.


"Ah, Lady Yuyuko..."
"Youmu, are you still ignoring that?"
"Eh? ... What do you mean by ' that '?"
"What, you're not even aware of it?
It's because you slacked off that you don't know."


She doesn't remember slacking off, but it seems that her lady was aware of the trouble as well.

 「もしかして『月』の事ですか? 気が付いてますってば~。

"So you were talking about the Moon? I am certainly aware of that.
You only said that, and so suddenly..."
"It looks like no one's taking action, so why don't you have a go, Youmu?"
"Ehh, why so?"
"Just kidding. You're too unreliable anyway.
That human we saw the other day was better... well, I will do it then."
"No way, please don't be such a meanie... I shall go too."
"I really meant what I said about unreliability, though."

西行寺家の亡霊少女『西行寺 幽々子(さいぎょうじ ゆゆこ)』は、妖夢の事をぼろくそ に言った。

Yuyuko Saigyouji, the ghostly mistress of the Saigyouji family, picked on Youmu.


"Wait, do you have any idea where to go, my Lady?"
"Of course, a lot of them. As we shoot stuff down, we'll eventually find a lead."
"That's where you're wrong, Lady Yuyuko.
You rely too much on raw power and have bad aim, so it takes even longer.
You should concentrate your attack more, look..."
"Your back is so undefended, Youmu."



Yuyuko was really worried about Youmu going out alone, so she decided to take action by herself.

Since the opponent is powerful enough to cause such a disaster, a team of two wouldn't be a bad idea.




It was peaceful. Or, it looked peaceful.

However, all youkai were upset.


What's really happening is that, without anyone taking notice, suddenly... The full moon has disappeared from Gensokyo's night.

本来、満月になるはずの夜もほんの少しだけ月が欠けていて、完全な満月にならなかった のである。普通の人間が気がつかないのは無理も無い、月はほんのちょっとだけ欠けてい たに過ぎなかったのだ。

Even on the night of a supposed full moon, a bit of missing light prevents it from being full. It's no wonder that humans aren't aware of the situation, though; it's only the tiniest bit of difference.

それでも妖の者にとって、満月の無い月はまるで月の機能を果たして居なかったのである。 特に日の光が苦手な者にとっては死活問題であった。

For non-humans, however, a moon that isn't full doesn't function at all. It's an especially critical problem for those who dislike sunlight.


A human and youkai, a team of two, ventured out into Gensokyo's midnight hours to retrieve the missing fragment of the moon and restore the full moon.



They will stop the night if need be.

Even if it becomes an imperishable night.


As summer draws to a close, not much time remains before the harvest moon. The team of human and youkai stop the night.








A glowing, ancient, virgulate object.

A small gem. A shining orb. A fragile soul. And the largest sphere.

"How is she doing these days?" she wondered as she stared at these objects.

Time does not flow in this place. History repeats itself.

She, too, was in Gensokyo.

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