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Playable Characters

  • 幻想の結界チーム (Illusionary Border Team)

Human and youkai that are living on the boundary.
Good at stability and quite easy to use.
■ Human Side:
楽園の素敵な巫女 (Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise), Reimu Hakurei
Shrine maiden in the paradise
Her guided attacks are so mean
Normal Speed: ★★★★
Focused Speed: ★
Special Skill: Doesn't get hurt when colliding with an enemy familiar.
Shot: 「マインドアミュレット」 ("Mind Amulet")
Spell Card: 霊符「夢想妙珠」 (Spirit Sign "Fantasy Orb")
Last Spell: 神霊「夢想封印 瞬」 (Divine Spirit "Fantasy Seal -Blink-")
Youkai Side:
境界の妖怪 (Youkai of the Boundary), Yukari Yakumo
Youkai living on the border of phantasm
Every hassle belongs to Shikigami, let's have a easy life
Normal Speed: ★★★★
Focused Speed: ★
Familiar: 「召喚八雲式」 ("Summoning Shikigami, type-Yakumo")
Shot: 「妖回針」 ("Apparition Needle")
Spell Card: 境符「四重結界」 (Border Sign "Quadruple Barrier")
Last Spell: 境界「永夜四重結界」 (Boundary "Quadruple Barrier of the Imperishable Night")
Team Characteristics:
Small hitbox.
Long reaction-time given for using Last Spells.
  • 禁呪の詠唱チーム (Aria of Forbidden Magic Team)

Pair of magicians living in the forest of magic.
Have good power and fast movement.
■ Human Side:
普通の魔法使い (An Ordinary Witch), Marisa Kirisame
An ordinary black-magic girl
Let's start with maximum fire power
Normal Speed: ★★★★★★
Focused Speed: ★★
Special Skill: Item auto-collection is enabled even when shotpower is not maximum.
Shot: 「スターダストミサイル」 ("Stardust Missile")
Spell Card: 恋符「マスタースパーク」 (Love Sign "Master Spark")
Last Spell: 魔砲「ファイナルスパーク」 (Magicannon "Final Spark")
Youkai Side:
七色の人形遣い (Seven-Colored Puppeteer), Alice Margatroid
Magician who manipulates dolls
Dolls never complain, so she's happy
Normal Speed: ★★★★
Focused Speed: ★★
Familiar: 「上海人形」 ("Shanghai Doll")
Shot: 「スペクトルミステリー」 ("Spectrum Mystery")
Spell Card: 魔符「アーティフルサクリファイス」 (Magic Sign "Artful Sacrifice")
Last Spell: 魔操「リターンイナニメトネス」 (Magipulation "Return Inanimateness")
Team Characteristics:
Large hitbox for items.
Large item auto-collection area.
  • 夢幻の紅魔チーム (Visionary Scarlet Devil Team)

Vampire and human maid living in the Scarlet Mansion.
Has a tricky, but quite effective familiar.
■ Human Side:
紅魔館のメイド (Maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion), Sakuya Izayoi
Perfect and elegant maid
Knife throwing is basic skill of a trickster
Normal Speed: ★★★★
Focused Speed: ★★★
Special Skill: The item falling speed becomes lower.
Shot: 「ミステリアスジャック」 ("Mysterious Jack")
Spell Card: 幻符「殺人ドール」 (Illusion Sign "Killer Doll")
Last Spell: 幻葬「夜霧の幻影殺人鬼」 (Buriallusion "Phantomic Killer in Night Mist")
Youkai Side:
紅い悪魔 (The Scarlet Devil), Remilia Scarlet
The Scarlet Devil
Shows childish and indomitable power at night
Normal Speed: ★★★★★★
Focused Speed: ★★★
Familiar: 「サーヴァントフライヤー」 ("Servant Flier")
Shot: 「ナイトダンス」 ("Night Dance")
Spell Card: 紅符「不夜城レッド」 (Scarlet Sign "Red the Nightless Castle")
Last Spell: 紅魔「スカーレットデビル」 (Scarlet Magic "Scarlet Devil")
Team Characteristics:
Large hitbox for grazing.
A bomb item is released when hit, if the previous life had unused bombs.
  • 幽冥の住人チーム (Netherworld Dwellers' Team)

Ghost and half-ghost living in the Netherworld.
Overall they're leaning more to the youkai side.
▲ Half-Human Side:
半人半霊 (Half-Ghost Half-Human), Youmu Konpaku
Half of human and ghost
Do two half-bakeds really make one matured?
Normal Speed: ★★★★★★
Focused Speed: ★
Familiar: 「半幽霊」 ("Ghostly Half")
Shot: 「六道怪奇」 ("Bizarreness of Six Realms")
Spell Card: 人符「現世斬」 (Human Sign "Slash of Present")
Last Spell: 人鬼「未来永劫斬」 (Obsessor "Slash of the Eternity")
Youkai Side:
華胥の亡霊 (Dreaming Ghost)
Yuyuko Saigyouji
A genuine ghost girl living in the netherworld
What's wrong with random shot? It will hit eventually
Normal Speed: ★★★★
Focused Speed: ★
Familiar: 「死蝶霊」 ("Deadly Butterfly")
Shot: 「対岸の誘い」 ("Invitation from Nether Side")
Spell Card: 死符「ギャストリドリーム」 (Death Sign "Ghastly Dream")
Last Spell: 死蝶「華胥の永眠」 (Deadly Butterfly "Everlasting Nap")
Team Characteristics:
The human side of the ratio meter is half-size.
An extra bomb is rewarded for each completed stage (if the current number of bombs is less than 3).

Enemy Characters

Picture Name
Stage 1 BossWriggleWriggle Nightbug闇に蠢く光の蟲
A Bug of Light Wriggling in the Dark
Stage 2 BossMystiaINMystia Lorelei夜雀の怪
Night Sparrow Apparition
Stage 3 BossKeineINKeine Kamishirasawa知識と歴史の半獣
Half-Beast of Knowledge and History
Stage 4 Uncanny BossReimuINReimu Hakurei楽園の素敵な巫女
Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise
Stage 4 Powerful BossMarisaINMarisa Kirisame普通の黒魔法少女
Ordinary Black Magician Girl
Stage 5 MidbossTewiINTewi Inaba地上の兎
Earthborn Rabbit
Stage 5 BossReiseinINReisen Udongein Inaba狂気の月の兎
Lunatic Moon Rabbit
Final BossEirinEirin Yagokoro月の頭脳
Brain of the Moon
Final B BossKaguya003Kaguya Houraisan永遠と須臾の罪人
Sinner Against Eternity and Temporality
Extra MidbossKeineDemonINKeine Kamishirasawa (Hakutaku)歴史喰い
History Eater
Extra BossMokouFujiwara no Mokou 蓬莱の人の形
Form of an Hourai Person

Other Characters

  • To be filled in later

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