☢CAUTION!!☢ Nuclear 東方 Touhou Classic/Techno 120 ☢CAUTION!!☢

In this story we have heroine Reimu Hakurei and hell raven Utsuho Reiuji challenging each other to a battle (no spell card rules). The scenario will take place in the subterranean world of SA~

I can imagine a humongous room made of a hard type of dull brown rock. In the beginning I can imagine Utsuho standing guardian to the entrance of the flames of hell. She would have her blaster rammed straight down into the floor. Her eyes would be closed and her arm crossed loosely over her blaster. Her wings would be folded behind her, and the eye at the center of her chest would be shut tightly.

Reimu entered the large room and saw Utsuho at the center of it. "Why have you come here?" Utsuho demanded without opening her eyes. Her voice was amplified by the large room and resonated off the walls.

"Who are you?" Reimu asked.

"I am Utsuho Reiuji, guardian of the flames of hell. What business does a human have here? ...Are you here to die?"

"Oh? Guardian of the flames of hell? That's an impressive title" Reimu smirked. "But I can easily defeat the likes of you."

Utsuho laughed, her laughter echoed across the vast room. "Do you really believe that a mere human like you can defeat me!?" 0:52 Utsuho opened her eyes and smiled maliciously. She tore her blaster out of the ground, the rock it was embedded in made a loud crunching sound. Her raven-black wings unfurled behind her. Reimu smiled, she gotten just what she wanted.

1:03...And the battle begins...

Reimu made the first move, whipping her gohei at Utsuho. A large orb materialized at the end of her rod, speeding towards Utsuho. It impacted directly and exploded. Smoke obstructed her view but Reimu smiled.

"Bull's eye..."

Her eyes widened when a shadowy figure sped through the cloud of smoke towards her. The smoke parted and whooshed as Utsuho's giant wings accelerated her across the distance between her and her enemy. Reimu sidestepped to her left just as Utsuho smashed her blaster down into the ground where Reimu was a split second ago.

The rock made a loud crashing noise as it shattered under the force. Utsuho compensated for this miss by planting her left foot into the ground. She used this leverage and spun; swinging her blaster to her right and smashing it into Reimu's ribs. Reimu skidded backwards from the impact. Clutching at her chest, Reimu grimaced in pain. Reimu coughed out blood; sweat beaded on her forehead.

Utsuho pointed her index finger straight up into the air. Bright red orbs of all sizes materialized around Utsuho. Forcefully she brought her arm down towards Reimu and the bullets beamed at high velocity towards Reimu. Reimu took to the air, accelerating towards Utsuho. She veered left, and weaved right as bullets whipped past her.

She flew higher into the air as a cluster of bullets threatened to box her in. As she rose, she twirled to avoid an incoming large orb. She straightened herself out in the air and pointed her gohei at Utsuho. Concentrating hard, Reimu yelled out. Ying yang orbs materialized around her and explosively took off towards Utsuho. Columns of dense energy trailed the orbs as the orbs slammed into the ground around Utsuho. 1:58 Explosions resounded through the room as Utsuho was thrown forcibly onto her back...

Blood trailed down Utsuho's face as she slowly got back on her feet. Her wings were battered and ripped, she could no longer fly at a high speed anymore. She was breathing heavily... shadows covered the right part of her bloodied face. 2:20 Utsuho raised her index finger into the air and grunted, her body tensed as energy flowed into the tip of her finger. Two massive orbs slowly drifted away from each other. Utsuho drifted into the air as the orbs took their place on the ceiling and floor. They both expanded explosively, shaking the room violently with their might... 2:42 Reimu withdrew from the expanding orbs as fast as she could, barely escaping their devouring embrace. Reimu closed one eye and cried out.

She could feel the intense heat scorch her skin. Sweat dripped down her face as she retreated to the far wall and put her arms over her face. 3:02, the massive orbs reached a critical point and stopped growing. They wavered with energy for a couple second before slowly subsiding. With her back tightly pressed against the wall, Reimu sighed in relief and let her arms fall limply to her sides.

3:26, Two humongous craters now dominated the room. Reimu hovered in the air motionless; gasping and drenched in sweat. Utsuho's bloodied face was hidden by shadows; she was also panting from the exertion. They both stayed there without attacking in a temporary stale-mate. Utsuho was spent...was it possible that she might lose..? 4:00, Reimu realized that her enemy was weakened...Reimu smiled and prepared to attack. She pointed her Gohei at Utsuho preparing for a decisive end.

"It's over"

4:10; Utsuho would not accept this... How could she not lose...How could the guardian of hell lose to a simple little human!? Utsuho's face finally became visible as she lifted her head slowly... She was grinning manically.

"Not yet"

4:20; Utsuho cried out as a red hue engulfed her body. The room began to shake uncontrollably. Rocks fell from the ceiling as the raw power of the act shook them free. Reimu's eyes widened in surprise.

"She still has this much power left!?" Reimu thought in a panic "How is this even possible?"

4:43; Utsuho's power began to reach a critical point and the eye at the center of her chest quivered as Utsuho willed for it to awaken it. The eye upon her chest opened violently as red and yellow streaks of pure energy streaked from it. Desperate, Reimu used her remaining energy to activate a duplex barrier. The sheer heat and light made the golden barrier flare and melt. Reimu shielded her face from the intense light and heat emanating from the eye. The light's intensity grew and grew...All visibility disappeared as the room flashed white and exploded forcefully...

5:25+, Utsuho finally calmed down and relented. She was panting heavily. Her eye closed again, the power sealed away once again.The room reverted back to normal. She looked down at Reimu's unconscious but somehow alive body. Utsuho smiled raggedly, blood oozing from the corners of her mouth.

Her voice ragged, she laughed-

"Told you you couldn't beat me."

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