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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - おまけ.txt

Beautiful Scarlet Cloth

Iku Nagae

Species: Youkai (Oarfish)

A youkai that lives between the world of dragons and the world of humans.

Sometimes humans find traces or dead bodies of her kind, but very rarely they do show their living form to humans. It is said that they can understand a dragon's words, and only the important words are relayed to human and youkai.

The edges of their long clothing radiates a scarlet color in an indescribable beauty. Rumor says that if a human wears this clothing, they will be able to fly through the sky.

Location: Inside clouds

She spends most of her time swimming through clouds. Doing nothing in particular, she observes the dragon god as she swims elegantly through clouds. Thus she causes almost no harm to humans.

Ability: Able to read the atmosphere

She can read the mood of a place, and adapt to it right away. She doesn't try to break the mood unless there's a very urgent reason.
Flexibility is stronger than stiffness. When necessary, she vanishes completely and parries any attacks.

Personality: Never takes the lead role. Lazy.

She's always laid-back and has no interest in others' behavior. She almost never insists on her own opinion, and mostly watches what others do.


MAGNet 20100502 3 Iku

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