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Iku in Fan Culture

  • Her character may be an homage to Rose, a fortune teller from the Street Fighter video game series. Both heavily rely on premonitions for their occupations and sense an approaching "Doomsday" at hand. Iku and Rose also make extensive use of their shawls in combat by lashing out with extreme range, using drill-bit formations around their arms, and even reflecting projectiles.
  • She's often presented as the nanny or the personal teacher of Tenshi Hinanawi, due to the facts that they know themselves before SWR, and also because Iku sent people to put Tenshi down.
  • Some fandom might compare Iku to Yuuka Kazami, due to the fact that tied with Utsuho Reiuji in Hisoutensoku, Iku has the slowest mobility out of all characters, but tops it off with plenty of power. Yuuka is often portrayed as a slow character in fanworks, but in trade is a powerhouse.
  • Some fandom might compare Iku to Kamen Rider Ixa due to the fact that Iku-san in goroawase is 1-9-3, which is also the code to activate Rising Ixa. This eventually leads to crossovers with Kamen Rider Kiva where Iku becomes Ixa, because 1-9-3 can be read as either "i-ku-sa" or "i-ku-san".
  • Some fandom pair Iku with Bass from the Mega Man series because the lightning attack pose from Mega Man & Bass looks similar to Iku's spell card declaration pose.

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