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Fun Facts

  • Hourai is a legendary island paradise in East Asian folklore, which was said to be inhabited by immortals who had special powers, and possessed rare treasures as well as the elixir of immortality.
  • She so far has no known relation to either the Hourai Elixir or Kaguya Houraisan, nor even to Mokou, who also has a spellcard called "Hourai Doll". It is most likely a reference to the aforementioned island paradise of Hourai, since Alice's other spell cards (such as Foggy London Dolls or Red-haired Dutch Dolls) are references to countries or cities.
  • As with Shanghai, Hourai is canonically a class of doll rather than a name for one individual doll, and multiple Hourai dolls are seen during its spell card in PCB.
  • 蓬莱, the kanji for Hourai, is another name in Japanese for Taiwan, Penglai. Meaning both of Alice's dolls are named after Chinese locations, Shanghai and Penglai.

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