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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - おまけ.txt

Chinese Girl

Hong Meiling

Ability: Control of Chi

Stage 3 boss. A Chinese-looking youkai.

Her clothing is colorful and somewhat traditional. She is the gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and prevents intruders from beyond the lake from reaching the mansion. She is by no means a special character, but she is the first character that has something to do with the main story. Even if that something happens to be merely mentioning the Mistress.

Immaterial and Missing Power - 上海アリス通信.txt


... She was playable but she didn't have scenario or plot in the Story.

Unthinkable Natural Law

Chinese Girl, Hong Meiling

The always noisy Scarlet Devil Mansion. That day, it was as noisy as ever. Its gate guard had reported something to the mansion's master, Remilia Scarlet, but the master had loftily ignored her.

The girl felt a vague sense of uneasiness. That morning, she had seen a giant figure. Then, it dissolved into a lazy mist and disappeared.

Just what was that? A big shadow like a roc, and a sinister mist being produced. She was certain.

It was the shadow of the Buddha of Misfortune, "Taisuei Shengjun."

She reported to the master of the mansion that an evil god that all youkai must join forces and fight against had finally appeared in Gensokyo.

Naturally, nobody listened to her.

The girl thought. In order to break up the everyday boredom with a little fun, she had intentionally exaggerated a bit.

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