I hate nights like this. Every full moon it happens. I'm not even sure what to do and every time it wear off my stomach feels like it's about to pop out along with everything I ate. But that's not the worse. Since it’s a full moon tonight, and a blood red one to boot, I once again have to hide the history of the human village from the youkai that may run wide during nights like this. It’s too bad my human form can only hide the history, but luckily my hakutaku has the power to bring it back. May it be a gift, or a curse, it does come in handy sometimes. Although tonight seems a bit different from others nights since this the first time I have saw a blood red moon in august which I’m not sure if it is possible at all. But taken from the history of Gensokyo, it doesn't seem to be the first time this happen either. Aiya, my head is killing me tonight and I can't even think straight. I decide to go to bamboo of lost to hide for a while until this wears off, which should be in about a few hours. As I was walking my horns accidentally got caught with some trees branches, which is also one of the most annoying thing with being a hakutaku. Took me about twenty-five minutes until I was finally able to get it out and I continue on. Although I got use to being a youkai, tonight feels aseptically different but the main reason maybe because of the red moon. That or maybe because of the melonberry pie I ate this afternoon but I think it may the first one with the moon. As I walked to the bamboo forest of lost, like usual, I would encounter some really stupid youkai. It also seems that no matter where you walk in Gensokyo there would always be some weak and annoying creatures going after you. I'm not sure if they are brave, or just really stupid and annoying. I finally arrived at the bamboo forest. Tonight it seems a bit too quiet as most nights like this there would be sounds of rabbits and many other creature, could say they would be so loud they could wake the dead and beyond. I wonder would it be the cause of the red moon.
As I took another I fell right into a pit trap that was at least 4 foot deep.
"Ow! Who...who dug this pit trap!? Show yourself" I screamed, enrage from both embarrassment and pain.
A mocking laughter came from above.
"See! I told you Reisen! I told you that milk cow would walk this path and fall for my trap!"
There could have been one person that would do this in the bamboo forest, and that must be that blasted rabbit Tewi Inaba and the one with her must be Reisen Udongein Inaba. Every time I walk through the forest they would cause some mischief like this. I should have seen this coming.
"Let me out of here,! How many times do you have to make stupid traps like this until you are satisfied?!"
"Hehhehheh, Stupid? If it was so stupid you wouldn't have fallen for it you cow!"
"Why you, wait till I get out of here! I'll turn you into rabbit soup!" I threaten.
Then I heard Reisen's voice.
"I'm sorry, but we can not allow you to escape this time. You are a friend of Fujiwara No Mokou, the enemy of mistress Kaguya, which makes you an enemy too. Please do not resist, you can not win even if you are in your hakutaku
"That's right you stupid cow, neeee" Tewi stuck her tongue out at me.
"That does it!"
I tried to get out but it seems there were some sticky substances in the pit. I was completely immobilized.
"What...What is this? What have you two done!?"
"Hehheh! This was my idea. We stole some weird potions from Erin and decided to add it to the pit. Clever isn't it?" Tewi said snobbishly.
"Well, we didn't steal it more like borrowed. But looks like it worked." Reisen added.
"Grrr, the moment I get out of here you two are dead! I'll make rabbit soup out of both of you!"
"Ooooo, big talk from such a helpless cow. Now all we need to do is bring you in to Kaguya. Reisen, do it now."
"Right, I got it"
At that moment, Reisen's eyes glowed red and then...everything was black.

When I finally came to my head was spinning. I tried to move but I was bonded tightly and even more surprising was that I was still in hakutaku form. This meant that I wasn't out for too long. I looked down and saw that the ropes were not normal but they seem to be made of iron and they were enchanted. I then look around and tried to guess where I am.
"Looks like you're awake, you stupid cow" A jeering voice said.
I lashed around and saw Tewi, a women with silver hair in large braids and red and blue clothing, and a women with long black hair and a pink shirt with many white bows, and a long, dark burgundy skirt decorated in yellow with bamboo and flower shapes.
I struggled again to break free.
"It is no use," Said the women with silver braids, "That's an enchanted lunarian beast rope. It's can even the hold strongest beast on Earth and Gensokyo. Not even a were-beast like you can break free."
"In other words, stop trying you cow!Hehehe" Tewi said.
"What did I ever do to you? Release me now!"
I screamed.
The long haired women came over and kicked me in the stomach. She then pulled me up to her face.
"A feisty one aren't you? Do you not know the situation you are in? I'll be the ones doing the demands."
She threw me on the floor.
"I am Kaguya, princess of Eientei. And this is Erin." she pointed at the sliver braid girl.
"Hi, nice to meet you. Sorry about the hospitality." Erin said to me.
I was both in pain and enraged but there was nothing I could do. It seems that I had to listen to this Kaguya's demands if I am to be free.
"What are you demands Kaguya?"
She kicked me again.
"That's Princess Kaguya to you. Tell me half-beast, are you friends with Fujiwara No Mokou?"
"Yes, yes I am."
"Good, good. All is according to plan."
"What...what do you plan to do?" I asked.
"You are going to become bait and lure Mokou to me."
"What?!" I said in shock.
"Tewi, send one of your rabbits to give the message to Mokou and Erin, take the half-beast away."
"Yes ma'am!" Tewi replied and went off.
"As you commend, princess Kaguya."
Erin picked me up and took me away. The last thing I heard was
"Tonight will finally be the night. The death of Fujiwara No Mokou"
I was taken to a room with one window.
"I apologize again, but the princess has been waiting for over 1000 year for this day. Please do not think badly of us." Erin said as she placed me in the room and locked the door.
The rays of the moon shone a blood red light and dyed my entire prison a deep red.

"What is going on...?" I mumbled.

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