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Hina in Fan Culture

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Hina face

  • Since Hina spins around in Mountain of Faith, she is depicted loving to spin all the time without getting dizzy, most people would say, 'Spin spin, Hina likes to spin.'
  • Hina spinning may be a reference to her ability to store up curses. This is because the kanji for curse (厄) looks somewhat like a swirl, just like the one on her dress.
  • This has resulted to comparisons between her and Wallachia from Melty Blood, due to Wallachia spinning a lot and screaming "Reverse the birth, reverse death, reverse the world and SPIN SPIN SPIN! Spin Hina. Spin."
  • An official artwork of her smiling at the player has become popular due to its great amount of goofiness. Fans simply call it "Hina Face".
  • Hina is usually depicted to be mature and somewhat quiet, most likely to counter the eccentricity of Nitori.

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