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The Yin-Yang Orb

One of the most important thing in the game is to master controlling the yin-yang orb. Here are some tips:

1. Train to hit it with one single shot.

Try with different orb speeds and heights.

2. Train to hit a specific side of the orb.

Which side of the orb you hit (left or right) determines which direction the orb will move to. To hit it on the opposite side against its movement direction is harder but just as important to learn.

3. Take notice if the orb is descending or ascending.

It's easier to hit it when it's ascending and will give it lots of velocity and height, but make it harder to control. Sometimes it's better to hit it when it's descending. This will make it easier to aim it at a specific target next time you hit it.

4. Always be prepared to use the gohei. IMPORTANT!!!

The orb will sometimes fly right at you whithout you having the time to move. In this situations use the gohei to reflect it. This is specially important in narrow passages and when the orb goes into a portal, since you can't predict the velocity and direction of the orb when it exits. Of course, a slide works just as good.


You could (theoretically) clear the whole game by just dodging and avoiding bullets and other threats, but I think people with super-human reaction times are quite rare in the world so here are some extra tips.

Shot spamming

If you have trouble dodging bullets, try spamming shots while you move around. It will cancel out some bullets and open a path for you. Remember: how many shots you fire is determined by how fast you repeatedly press the fire key. There is no limit of how fast you can shoot, except for how fast your computer can register the signals from the keyboard, of course.


When you slide your hit-box is smaller. This will make you able to pass under bullets you normally would be hit by.


This strategy should only be used in boss fights.
A bomb will make you invulnerable for a short time. If you feel you can't survive a situation with bullets, lasers and what-not, it can sometimes be a good idea to sacrifice a bomb. If you have no extra lives left the bomb also has a chance to hurt the boss (up to two hits per bomb are normal).


Don't give up just because you lost all your extra lives in a boss fight. You can quite easily get more. In the next levels use bombs. By some reason this will often give you more lives than clearing the levels the normal way (my record is getting 3 extra lives with one bomb). One bomb per level should be enough, since there often aren't many cards left after that.
I've discovered that some levels often gives you extra lives this way and others almost never give any. You can experiment a little to see which ones.

Special Moves

I never use special moves. I feel they are too hard to control. But I think they could be a good move to finish a slide with if you already have planned to slide to dodge a bullet rain. A rapid-fire multishot would cancel lots of bullets and flip kicks should make you safe for a short while. I never got the hang of it though.

slide then slide+up for somersault, then after her somersault, pressing z will cause rapid-fire multishot. Timing is key.

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