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Playable Character

★ 主人公 ・・・ 博麗 靈夢

★ Heroine ・・・ Reimu Hakurei

Shrine Maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, she possesses some spiritual-power by nature, but lacks proper training. 
Her weapon is the mighty Yin-Yang Orb, however she has difficulty controlling it.
Regardless, with her innate spiritual-power, she's quite skillful. 
Her usual attacks-amulet strikes, release of spiritual-power (霊撃 -Spirit strike-), and melee skills-
are useless against her current foes. She's in some trouble. 
At present, she is the only person in the shrine.

Enemy Characters

Stage 5 boss

Demon World (Makai) Route

Stage 10 boss
  • Innocent Devil

Stage 15 boss
Final Stage boss

Hell (Jigoku) Route

  • Vengeful Ghost

Stage 10 Boss
Stage 15 boss
Final Stage boss

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