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1.1. The primary purpose of High scores page is to collect and document all highest known scores from around the web in one easily maintainable place.

1.2. The secondary purpose of the page is to permanently and continuously archive replays corresponding to said scores for preservation and educational purposes.

1.3. Touhou wiki, where the article is hosted, is a neutral information source, and should be treated as such. Public information about the scores, replays, and their authors may (and should) be made available on the relevant pages per wiki editors' discretion.

1.4. The purpose of the guidelines page is to provide reference of ethical and functional codes of conduct to protect players from mistreatment, and to make public information clearly available to general public regardless of its current status. It is intended for present and future editors to adhere to in order to ensure clear and proper contribution standards.

Replay availability and player consent

2.1. Scores should be added to the table regardless of the players' consent or their availability on major score boards, such as Royalflare, at the time of updating.

2.2. Only the information that has a clear intention of public availability should be uploaded to the wiki. Password-protected replays, personal information that is not available on the players' sites and blogs, real names and addresses, etc., should not be uploaded without explicit permission. Asking for said permission is left to the editors' discretion.

Replay uploading

All score updates must be accompanied with corresponding replays. Uploading replays is in no way less important than updating a score on the main table, because the latter only contains the current score while the replay page covers progression and serves the purpose of preservation. Score can be deducted from a replay file, but the opposite isn't possible.

3.1.1. If a replay has never been publicly available or isn't otherwise available at the moment of updating, exception to 3.1. thus applies.

3.1.2. In case a screenshot is available in place of a replay, it may be added in form of a link to the corresponding score.

3.1.3. Uploading older replays retroactively in order to better illustrate score progression and preserve rare files is welcome.

3.1.4. Uploading every replay that happen to be higher than the previous in chronological order is advised. Uploading replays that are older than the current, yet aren't higher than it, isn't. Each new replay should have a higher score than the previous.

3.1.5. Unlike Royalflare, we do take non-clears as viable additions to the table. They should be marked as such in comments on the replay page.

Writing up replay page content

Every scoring category should have a corresponding replay page to store the replays. Previously they have been directly linked to, but later it was agreed upon to create separate pages for each category, thus storing past and present replays.

3.2.1. The page text should contain a link to the game's article on Touhou wiki, category number on the High scores page, and description of a category (e.g., Extra/Reimu-A).

3.2.2. Replay pages should be categorized accordingly to the accepted standard (e.g., [[Category:Subterranean Animism Replays]]).

Writing up replay comments

Information about the replay must be provided in the comment field in an applicable form. Currently there is no definite standard, so this is left up to the editors' discretion. However, particular points are to be reviewed additionally.

3.3.1. Score information is required and needs to be put in front. It enables the viewer to see a score progression where each digit is properly aligned to each other. As score remains the most important parameter (as reflected by the name "High scores"), it makes the comments more readable as a whole.
Example, information aligned by score:
1,234,567,900 -- player xxxx
1,234,567,890 -- player xxxxxxxxx
Example, information aligned by player:
player xxxx -- 1,234,567,900
player xxxxxxxxx -- 1,234,567,890
3.3.2. Player name is required to allow identifying the author without the need of browsing the page history. For players with multiple active handles (of which, for instance, ISO is among the worst offenders), there are several choices:
1) most popular/commonplace handle (Kagamin);
2) the handle under which the replay was submitted to a scoreboard (かがみん);
3) the internal handle observable in the name field when the replay is selected in the game (K).
These are left to the editors' discretion. For players with non-Latin characters in the name, these characters should be avoided or dealt with accordingly to ensure readability by viewers who can't read them. There are several ways to do this:
1) properly romanize the characters (Hirona);
2) use a different handle supplied by the same player (HLN).
In case a name contains mixed characters:
1) leave the handle as-is (HS参謀);
2) romanize the non-Latin part and leave the rest as-is (HS-sanbō);
3) leave out the non-Latin part (HS) — unadvisable because of possible name conflicts!
These are all left to the editors' discretion.
3.3.3. Date infomation is strongly advised. Use the internal date of the replay, not the date it was submitted on!
3.3.4. If a replay doesn't clear the game, it must be clearly marked as a non-clear.
3.3.5. Player's comments and other information is not required and is left to the editors' discretion.
3.3.6. Delimiters are left entirely to the editors' discretion. Dashes, long dashes, parentheses, and apostrophes are all welcome.

Replay troubleshooting and dealing with suspected cheating

Every once in a while a problematic replay comes up that required additional attention and discretion from editors.

3.4.1. Desyching replays are not allowed unless they:
1) come from a well-known player;
2) sync on later stages for a considerable time.
3.4.2. Replays made using V-sync patch are allowed.
3.4.3. Broken replays that reproducibly crash the game are not allowed.
3.4.4. Replays with abnormally high slowdown rate (usually over 5%) are not allowed.
3.4.5. Replays that exhibit unnaturally quick and precise motion are to be reviewed additionally and discussed on High scores' talk page. In case the suspicion is supported by others, the problematic replay should not be allowed. Future contributions from the same players are to be treated with awareness of this fact. Players currently on the watch list: MSH [1].

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