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Fun Facts

  • "Akyu" is probably a pun on the Japanese word for 'nine' which is read as "kyuu" (since she is the ninth Child of Miare). Hieda means "millet field".
  • The "Miare" in "Child of Miare" presumably refers to Hieda no Are (稗田阿礼), the oral historian credited with helping compile the Kojiki, Japan's first written historical record.
  • As seen in the Colophon of Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, the names of Akyu's previous incarnations as Children of Miare (Aichi, Ani, Ami, Ayo, Ago, Amu, Anana and Aya) are all puns on numbers, with Are standing for zero (零, rei).
  • She has a vague resemblance to the midboss fairy of Lotus Land Story's fourth stage and Mystic Square's third stage.
  • Benben Tsukumo bears a striking resemblance to her.

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