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Circle Japanese name: 疲労熊
Hero Bear consists of 桐生たかし (Kiryuu - supposedly the writer) and 綾見ちは (Chiha Ayami - supposedly the artist).

Phantom Light (2005-08-14)

Translated by Adonic Meki, edited by BunBun (originally), re-edited by Trefle.

Download: Bear - Phantom Light.rar Phantom Light zip
Gallery: [ Phantom Light]

Snowdrop ~Winter's Gift~ (2005-10-01)

See: Seasonal Dream Vision: Comics#Snowdrop ~Winter's Gift~

The Casket in Stardust (2005-12-30)

Translated by Miendiem, edited by Aortic.

Download: The Casket in Stardust zip
Gallery: [ The Casket in Stardust]

Shooting Star☆Exhibition (2006-05-21)

Translated by Nietz, edited by H.S.

Download: Shooting Star☆Exhibition zip
Gallery: [ Shooting Star☆Exhibition]

Caramelibrary (2006-12-30)

Translated by Tanin, edited by Kawaii Heavens.

Download: Caramelibrary zip
Gallery: [ Caramelibrary]

Toxicross (2007-08-17)

Translated by a Nameless Fairy, edited by H.S.

Download: Toxicross zip
Gallery: [ Toxicross]

Wind Festival Oni (2007-12-31)

Translated by furball, edited by A/L.

Download: Wind Festival Oni zip
Gallery: [ Wind Festival Oni]

Starry Night of Deep Thoughts (2008-05-25)

Translated by Anon Passing By, edited by Cappy.

Download: Starry Night of Deep Thoughts zip
Gallery: [ Starry Night of Deep Thoughts]

Secluded Pitiful Little Flowers (2008-12-29)

Translated by furball, edited by Ako.

Download: Secluded Pitiful Little Flowers zip
Gallery: [ Secluded Pitiful Little Flowers]

Listening to Each Other's Heart's Voice (2009-03-08)

Translated by furball, edited by Kaze.

Download: Listening to Each Other's Heart's Voice zip
Gallery: [ Listening to Each Other's Heart's Voice]

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