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Hecatia lapislazuli is the extra stage boss of touhou 15, Legacy of lunatic kingdom.

She is mysterious god who governs the Hells of the Moon, the Earth, and other worlds. She has a separate body in each of the three worlds, and can act independently with each of them. Also, since the Moon, Earth, and Spirit World each have their own Hell, and since her core soul resides in Hell she's a rather troublesome god who can't easily be retaliated against if viewed as an enemy.

Her ability to have 3 bodies allows her to exist on the Moon, the Earth and the Spirit world at the same time. And because the spirit world connects to the dream world Hecatia can access the dream world as well.

Her boss fight is unique in the series as she is the only extra stage boss to have the final boss fight alongside of her in the battle.

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