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Modern Day Spirit Photographer

Himekaidou Hatate

Race: Crow Tengu
Ability: Ability of spirit photography.

Hatate is a reporter that never goes outside for her newspaper research.
She takes pictures using spirit photography and uses them for her articles.

Hatate's spirit photography works by inputting keywords for her camera, which she uses to find associated photos.

She doesn't feel the need to go outside because this is convenient.

The newspaper she writes, Kakashi Spirit News, has never been that popular.
This is only natural, for the articles she wrote were things people had heard of already.
Spirit photography lacks speed and freshness.
  Then Hatate read Aya's Bunbunmaru Newspaper.
  "These articles are ridiculous, so why do they have this strange appeal?
Why is it that its headlines never overlap with other newspapers'?"

In order to find out Aya's secret, Hatate decided to observe her.

That was when she found out Aya's secret.
Aya wasn't covering events; Aya was creating the events themselves.

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