Guide of Beautiful Sceneries in Gensoukyou
Hakugyokurou (White Jade Tower)


Recently, we have often heard of the Netherworld when it comes to sightseeing.


Now that the border of the Netherworld somehow became thinner, it's easy to enter even if alive. Originally, one could only go there after they had died.


Upon entering, one would be surprised to see a quiet and considerably large garden.


It appears hazy off in the distance, and no matter how fast one flies over it, it's imposisble to see the end.


The second surprise coming from the fact that the garden belongs to just one mansion.



The mansion with this considerably large garden standing in the Netherworld is called Hakugyokurou, which is a Japanese mansion slightly mixed with the atmosphere of other countries.


Indeed, the mansion is rather large, but there's no denying that it's smaller than the length of the garden.



Beautiful cherry blossoms can be seen in the garden of Hakugyokurou. It could even be called a sea of cherry blossoms, the likes of which cannot be seen in Gensokyo.


Plenty of ghosts and youkai attracted by these beautiful flowers visit here every year.


Recently, living humans also have learn of its existence at last. That's why flower-viewing parties are held for living and dead beings at Hakugyokurou.


It's not certain how long the border will stay so thin, so I recommend visiting as soon as possible.



I also took part in the party and I saw a exciting scene: a huge number of ghosts and the Three Prismriver Sisters live in concert.


I thought the Netherworld was a quiet place, so I was surprised how different my impression was from reality.



In other words, humans will be able to live merrily like this in the world after death, so they should live their lives to the fullest while they're alive, I think.


In order to live a happy lifestyle in the Netherworld, they must work hard without commiting suicide so they don't to go to Hell.


In this way of thinking, humans appear to be both hardworking and adorable beings.

射命丸 文

(Aya Shameimaru)

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