Return to Mokuren

He watched her fly carefree in the clear afternoon sky, the wind blowing through her fancy gown like her favorite playmate, her expression speaking of bliss and almost childish joy.

Yet, her white gown had blue ribbons and laces.

“Yukari!”, he called, “Why are you blue?”

“Ara, ara!”, she answered, “It’s because I’m player 2!”

The room was unfamiliar and the bed was large, but the sun shone very clearly through the window; as a matter of fact, he couldn’t see very well, the sudden change of lighting sort of dazed him.

“Mistress? Mistress?”, it must have been the tenth time she called, but he heard her just now.

He looked up to see Ruukoto peering at him, then smiling as he returned the gaze, “Good morning mistress, I’m glad to see you’re fine”

He sighed, “So... It was just a dream”, he used his hand to shield his eyes from his light while he was still getting used to it, it’s good, a player 2 Yukari is pretty scary.

“It is almost noon, mistress”, Ruukoto said, “Your friends have left on an errand but will be back for lunch, is there something you desire in the meantime?”

Desire? In the meantime?, he blinked, looking down at himself, well, I’ve overslept, skipped breakfast and all, I don’t think I’m making a good impression. He got up, “Ruukoto, can you cook?”

“Yes, mistress”

He nodded, “Very well, an assistant will come in handy”, he smiled, “Show me the way to the kitchen...”

When Alice and Marisa were back, they found a scent coming from the kitchen that screamed “Italian hijack lol”; of course, their expression were priceless.

“Sorry for oversleeping girls”, he smiled, “I hope I can bribe some forgiveness with food?”

They both blinked, then Marisa pointed at him, “See Alice? That’s why I love this girl”


“Ah ah ah... I’m just sorry I left my recipe books at home”, he glanced at the set up table, “I made some insalata di coniglio to go with the capunsei saltati, and there’s medaglie di cinghiale after that”, he said to explain what the dishes were, “They’re actually summerish dishes already, I hope you don’t mind...”

They didn’t.

“Oh, yeah, Meimu”, said Marisa after she felt her tummy full enough, “What’s actually left for you to learn? Fly, wasn’t it?”

“Actually...”, he paused, should he tell them about his night adventures? They would probably get pissed if they were to learn he had been roaming around alone instead of sleeping while he was their guest. Maybe they wouldn’t (especially Marisa), but his sense of morals had him keep his lips shut, “... I think I’m pretty close to that”

“Really?”, Marisa quirked an eyebrow, “What makes you think so, ze?”

“I think you hit her so hard that she got overconfident”, was Alice’s comment.

“I think you hit me so hard I absorbed some of that magic power, so I guess I have enough to fly now”, was Mokuren’s utterly ridiculous lie.

“Oh, please, as if-”

“Very well, ze!”, Marisa stood up with that roguish grin of hers, “This saves me the trouble of carrying you”

Good, she actually bel- Wait, what?, he blinked, “... Carry me?”

“Oh, yeah, I have to stock up on my collection of books”, she said with the most innocent expression on her face, Stock up? You mean “steal”, don’t you?, “And since Meimu’s new to this and all, this will be her baptism of fire!”

The sun was particularly cozy that day, and its beams were like hugging Mokuren’s skin in a warm comforting hug.

“Marisa, that’s reckless!”, Alice stood up, of course she didn’t agree with that course of action, “You can’t always go there and steal things! One day or the other, somebody will become angry!”

“Ah, Alice, you crybaby, I know you’ll tag along anyways, ze”, she then pointed her finger at Meimu, “And she needs some actual, on-field experience or she’ll never learn, ze”

He couldn’t hear cicadas cry because it wasn’t summer yet. It was early spring, and in early spring, you don’t hear cicadas cry. You hear the singing of many birds that Mokuren couldn’t recognize, but that was about it.

“But... Marisa! She’ll just slow us down, it’s enough of a bother if we both go at once, don’t you think they’ll throw a scene if we come three at a time?”

“Voile is big, you still haven’t seen that seventh section past A-31 that you talked to me about for two full weeks since our last visit. Come to think of it, you stopped only recently, have you given up already?”

“G-given up? As if!”

I’m going to be carried into a Scarlet Mension raid. I guess I’m as good as dead, this time. He sighed, of all the things he should have never done if he was ever stranded in Gensokyo, he was about to do the #1 on the list.

“But... What if we get into a fight, Mari?”, he tried to keep a calm voice as not to betray his emotions of utter terror, “I don’t think I can hold my own against the likes of the Scarlet Mansion’s crazy inhabitants...”

The kick connected to his face like a slap, only harder, and too fast to let him get a glimpse of the drawers below the skirt, “No good! That’s not the spirit Meimu! If we get into a fight, you have to fight!”, she jumped on the table, as if giving a clear example of what the correct spirit was, “You have to stand your ground, look straight at their faces and show them that THIS. IS. GENSOKYOOOOOO!!!”

And this is how Mokuren got a glimpse of three hundred winter fairies sacrificing their lives in a last, heroic resistance before the armies of Lily White took over the lands of Gensokyo.

He also got a glimpse of Marisa’s drawers, yes.

Of course, Mokuren wasn’t too fast, so the other two girls had to slow down to his speed; Alice used that as an execuse to complain about Meimu’s Mokuren’s lack of progress, or supposed such, I guess she still thinks of me as a rival. Aww, she’s so cute when she’s jealous...

“Ah! There it is!”, said Marisa.

And there it was. The Scarlet Devil Mansion, a magnificently elegant piece of renaissance-era european architecture, its gothic influences were clear but not overwhelming. The closer it came, the more awe it inspired in Mokuren’s heart, it was impressive and beautiful, and somehow, it feels like home...

He shook his head, the european influences must have got to his head, this is the Scarlet Devil Mansion. This is going to become my grave, not my home. On second thought, the idea of calling the Scarlet Mansion “home” was scarier.

“So...”, he tried to say, afraid of the answer he might get, “What’s the plan?”

Marisa blinked, “What plan, ze?”

“The plan to break in”

Silence ensued, they were getting so close they could almost see inside the windows now.

“We break in and stuff, what are we supposed to plan, ze?”

He sighed, “Well... I don’t know, but breaking in from the front door doesn’t sound like a good idea. Isn’t it guarded, anyways?”

As a matter of fact, he thought he saw someone at the front gates. Yes, they really were coming from the front, talk about tactics.

“Yes, it’s guarded, ze. This is where you kick in!”


And the two girls shoved him hard towards the ground, and then suddenly accelerated. They weren’t going horribly fast, but they were still too fast for him to catch up. And he wasn’t really going down, he could fly himself alright, still...

Why do I feel like I’d cheat them even thought they pulled me in against my will?, he sighed and kept moving downward; maybe he could talk his way out of things while also buying the two some time, Scarlet Mansion raids are fun, after all.

On the plus side, the door guard that was gawking in panic at the invasion lacked wits and stood there like a dummy to watch Mokuren descend. Of course, if she panicked because there were intruders, her reaction to seeing Mokuren was granted.


Oh, it’s China, Mokuren let out a sigh of relief, of course, what was I thinking? With China on guard, it’s going to be a joke.

“Ah... Relax, I’m not Meimu”, he landed in front of her, trying to be as friendly as possible, “My name is Mokuren, I am Reimu’s temporary assistant miko. Pleased to meet you”, he concluded with a bow.

China stayed on guard (that is, she held back in an awkward position, watching for signs of danger coming from Meimu), eyeing him suspiciously, “Uh... N-nice to meet you”, her voice wavered, “... A-and what are you here... For?”

Crap, he remained motionless for a long while, Haven’t thought about this.

“Of course”, he eventually said, “I’m here to collect monetary offerings!”

None of the two moved; Mokuren kept still in his demented expression of self-confidence in front of blatant lies, China kept still in her ridiculously defensive position. It was getting too weird, even for a scene with China.

“... Aren’t you supposed to have a... Box for that?”

“Yeah, I am”, he sighed, crossing his arms, “However, Reimu won’t allow me to take it. Just in case somebody drops by at her temple and wants to donate something; of course, she wouldn’t want that poor somebody to not find the donation box and sulk home, depressed because he couldn’t donate to the Hakurei shrine”

“Oh, uh... No! I don’t want that to happen!”, China was still unsure on how to react to this visit, and looked up to the sky to see if there were more intruders, “You... By the way, did you see some...”, she looked back down at Mokuren, and jumped back again, “AAAAH! There’s another one!”

Mokuren blinked and turned. Ruukoto was there. When did she...?

“Do you need assistance, mistress?”

“Ruukoto?”, he frowned, “... Didn’t I tell you to wait for me at home?”

“I am sorry, mistress”, she made an apolgetic bow, “I was worried for your safety and followed you. Have I disappointed you?”

Oh my god where did she learn to make such faces?, he blinked, then he gulped, how could he scold a cute girl with such a... “N-no, you didn’t...”, he felt like he had to comfort her, “I’m happy you...”, he looked at China, who looked like she needed comforting too, “... Thanks, Ruukoto”, he then turned, “Ah... By the way... You are?”

“H-hong Meirin, Scarlet Mansion’s Door Guard...”, she gulped, “Who is...?”

“Oh? She’s Ruukoto, my robot maid. I’m an important person, you know. Ah ah ah ah...”.

Silence ensued.

“Anyways...”, he cleared his throat, “Since there are friends of mine that are, by now, already inside the mansion and wreaking havoc, may I ask you to escort me inside?”

“Friends? Ins-”, she paused as she realized there were actually intruders in the house, “AAAAA! There’s intruders inside! Mistress is going to kill me!”

“So, can I come? Maybe I can... Like... Talk to your mistress, say I distracted you or something...”

China was about to cry; maybe the situation was kind of normal, but it must have been rough on her, like life, life has never been good on China, “W-will you? P-please?”

“Yes”, he smiled, “Yes, I will”

“THANK YOU!”, she said, clinging on his chihaya like a life jacket, “You’re so kind, doing this for me...”

“Ah... Don’t mention it, ah ah ah...”, awww, China’s so cute... I could die any moment

“Siding with the enemy? Now, that’s not what a door guard should do”, metal makes weird and creepy sounds when it grazes something, especially itself. Mokuren never heard such a scary sound come from... Knives.

Knives. Right, talk about "dying any moment"

“AAAAA! Sakuya-san!”, China leapt on Mokuren’s lap, giving him no other choice but hold her in her arms, “Sakuya-san, it’s not how it looks like!”

Sakuya-san gave the two a quizzical look with an arched brow, “You have funny lovers to be a door guard, but it’s unethical to bring them at work”, she almost looked like she would sheathe (or hide, or whatever) her knives, but something in Mokuren didn’t quite convince her, “Besides, how did you seduce a shrine maiden? Or were you seduced yourself? Well, knowing your reliability, it was probably the latter”

“Sakuya-san!”, she didn’t let go of Mokuren in spite of everything, “That’s mean!”

“I... I haven’t seduced anyone”, he tried to somehow repair the danmaku of misunderstandings that kept raining down on him like the Anime Love Laws God was bombing him from orbit, “I was just visiting, and collecting monetary offerings for the Hakurei shrine”

“You do look alike to the red and white”, Sakuya made her knives disappear in her clothes, somehow, “You must be relatives. In that case, why hasn’t your blood sister told you our mistress isn’t prone to saisen?”

Oh no, not this “sister of Reimu” thing again, he sighed, but tried to remain friendly, “She is not my sister, she is my teacher, and there is no way to know until you try”, and by the way, China, you’re heavy...

“Very well”, she gave China a particularly cold look, “China, dispatch this intruder”

“WHAT?” they said in unison, it was so sudden that Mokuren too was somewhat shocked.

“Oh, so this fleeting love of yours comes before your loyalty to the mistress? Very well, consider yourself fir-”

“NO! Wait, Sakuya-san!”, she climed down Mokuren’s arms, which were getting pretty sore already, “P-please don’t fire me! My heart has wavered only for a little, please forgive me!”

What are you saying, you idiot? You make it sound like we’re really lovers, he sighed again, trying to restrain himself from conjuring a dimensional hammer and hit her on the head, it’s a misunderstanding. Just explain, damn it.

“Your words alone will not suffice”, Sakuya crossed her arms, “If you really are loyal to the mistress, dispatch this intruder. Now”.

He could see China trembling, and this wasn’t good, if there was anything China was bad at (worse than anything else, at least) it was keeping her emotions in check, “Ruukoto, if the situation gets dangerous, please step aside and wait”

“Do you require assistance, mistress?”

“No, thanks”, he flashed her a smile, “It would only make things more complicated. Just pick me up if I can’t move afterwards”, wait, did she mean she can do a danmaku battle?

“I-I’m... Sorry, kind miko-san”, as he feared, when China turned, she trying to wipe tears off her eyes, “I wish... We could have met in... Less unfortunate circumstances!”

China using words such as “less unfortunate circumstances”? She must really be sick, “W-wait, can’t we talk about it? I’m sure I can explain...”

Only a shadow and a well-placed slow motion for dramatic effect allowed Mokuren to see and deflect the kick aimed at his face. This sent him back a couple meters nonetheless.


“It’s ok!”, he drew his sword, “It’s ok! Just stay back!”

China sobbed as she restored her guard, “Please don’t resist, miko-san... You’re making it more difficult!”

Faster than the wind, she darted forward again, and sword and fist begun to clash, sending sparks and whirls of air at every contact, Good thing my sword is only single-edged, he found the time to think, I can attack and not worry too much about cutting her. Not that I have a chance to hit anyways...

He darted up evading a kick, flying into the air and pointing down towards China, “I’m sorry, but I really have to get inside!” he said before a solid beam of blue energy shot straight down on her.

The blast shook the earth and made a crater, raising a could of dust. As he clearly expected after having watched too much DBZ, this clearly meant his attack missed, and in fact a barrage of colorful shards spread out from inside the dust cloud, falling upwards like an opportune rain coming from the earth.

Thanks to his danmaku sense, he could evade what he managed to evade and deflect what he couldn’t figure how to dodge; by the time he did that, China was already in the skies with him, firing tight barrages of red bullets.

Crap, he thought as he realized there was no way he could dodge that, so he went forth and shot another of his full-power laser beams. To his expectations, it was enough to clear away the bullets it hit, and still to his expectation, it was way too predictable to hit anyone above the caliber of Cirno. Well, considering the dodge skills of Gensokyo’s inhabitants, maybe even Cirno could have avoided that. Considering I can dodge some danmaku myself, I guess anyone can avoid my own beams.

“Please end this quickly, China”, said Sakuya from below. Ruukoto looked worried herself, but at least she obeyed her master’s order of staying the hell away from danger.

“I’m sorry, miko-san”, China sniffed again, “I hope... We can be friends in our next lives...”

“Wha? Wait, China, I think you’re taking this too seriously... Ah ah ah...”.

It was difficult to laugh, thought, after she stroke a martial pose and focused her energies and shouted “Colorful sign – Colorful light chaotic dance!”.

How the hell do I dodge THIS?, was a much, much easier reaction in this case. And it didn’t pair well with laughter.

Ok, calm down, he told himself as the barrage approached him, fast, It’s not as chaotic as it seems, it’s only partly random, he could feel the whole concept of the spell card in his mind; his sword was telling him, he was now attuned enough to clearly capture the feelings behind danmaku, and spell cards were marvelous in this sense, they were beautiful, and evading them was as satisfying as managing to appreciate a work of art.

But the tears in China’s eyes struck him, he was about to find some time to prepare and focus his own laser beam to hit her as she was still, but all he could think of was What the hell am I doing?.

He deliberatly stopped dodging and simply parried the barrage, which sent him flying down and landing heavily right in front of Sakuya. Seeing her, China interrupted the barrage, giving him time to recover and stand properly, What the hell, China? You’re friggin’ strong! was his train of thoughts.

“Why don’t you use a spell card?”, was her almost-whispered question.

“There’s no need to, I can handle this without one”

Did she chuckle? “Liar”.

Silence followed, then he chuckled himself, “You are right, who am I lying to? I don’t have any of this spellcard thing. You know, I am the bone of my sword and stuff, that’s more my kind of thing, but I don’t have that either”, and after that second bundle of nonsense, he sheathed his sword and walked away from Sakuya, looking up to China.

“You’re right. I’m only making this harder”, he smiled, “So... Please just come down here and hit me, I promise I’ll hold still”.

And China came down, looking at Mokuren with a mix of disbelief and sadness. She put a hand on his shoulder, sniffed, and readied to punch him into next Friday.

Holy geek Jesus on a WoW server, this is going to hurt he was thinking, suddenly starting to feel that playing good guy was much harder than he thought. But not only China wasn’t giving him a coup de grace, she was still on the verge of crying, which was making Mokuren’s sensible heart ache over her suffering.

“Sakuya-san...”, she moaned like a kid to a mean mother, Poor China, she’s about to break... But seriously, how did it end like this?, he blinked, she was being more stupid and emotional than he ever thought she could be. China was China all right, but still...

“China, do you really think I would have you kill your lover on a whim while she’s outside the house?”, if Sakuya was trying to be compassionate, her voice didn’t sound like it, but she carried such grace in her words and movements that it was impossible to ignore her, even when she came so close they could almost feel her breath.

“... Dummy”, she said to China, and she said so in such a whisper that both her and Mokuren’s heart skipped a beat. Now I know why Youmu has fallen for her, she was like some sort of z0mg Rei! Except she was... Actually cool, and charming, and sexy in a way, and so composed that she seemed unreachable, which just made her so much harder to resist.

“In any case”, she continued, increasing the distance from the other two, “The other miko is clearly not a threat, and since we already have intruders that should be taken care of, I will allow you to bring her in for the time being. Let’s just not make it into a habit”, she looked straight at Mokuren, “Of course, your own maid can come with you”.

“... Thank you, Sakuya-san”, he said, ten seconds late. Crap, I feel like I’m in love. Crap, now that I think of it, I felt like this with about every girl I saw since I came in Gensokyo. Crap, my Moe Overload Antibodies aren’t bad enough to rescue me.

“Sakuya-san...”, China’s tornado of emotions wasn’t getting any weaker, especially now that Sakuya was doing her best to turn everybody into a ravid fangirl of hers, managing to rouse such feelings into the door guard as well, making her start taking steps in her direction, steps with increasing frequency, “Sakuya-saaaan!”, she said as she spread out her arms to hug her.

“Before I accompany you inside the mansion”, said Sakuya, while China was laying at her feet with a knife lodged in the forehead, “It would be appropriate if you introduced yourself; presenting you simply as China’s lover is clearly inappropriate”.

“My name is Mokuren”, he made a slight bow to accompany the introduction, “I am temporary assistant miko at the Hakurei shrine”

“Very well, Meimu”, Wha? All this fuss and you just call me Meimu? You little..., “Please follow me”

“Uh, what about China...?”

“She’ll eventually catch up”

The inside of the Scarlet mansion really made him feel home. For no particular reason except that european architecture in a meiji-era land was as heart-warming as finding someone who could make him a cappuccino. And since he couldn’t get the cappuccino, he had to go with just the mansion.

After much walking and gawking, they reached Voile, the magic library.

It was an XBOX sized library, large enough that one could become lost if there weren’t indications, and there luckily were, albeit little and difficult to decipher for those that didn’t know their meaning. Mokuren didn’t, but then he didn’t need to either... Just following Sakuya was fine.

That, and he could hear the voices already.

“Please keep quiet while in the library”, was Patchouili’s tired comment as she kept reading one of her many books. The comment was of course wasted considering both Marisa and Alice weren’t particularly quiet persons, especially when they were together.

“Uh-uh, I think I’m going to borrow this one too, ze”

“Please return the other ones you have ‘’borrowed’’ before you take more”

Sakuya stepped up to that little study that appeared to be the exact center of the library (or so Mokuren liked to think), making sure everyone knew she was there, and could see she had guests too, “Patchouili-sama, there is another visitor”

“Another visitor?”, Patchouili looked up from her book, a new visitor? As if the ones she had weren’t enough already? “Who i-”

“Oh, so you came, Meimu”, was Alice’s unfazed comment as she instructed Shanghai to fetch her something (that most likely wasn’t there), “We though the door guard got you”.

“Well... Let’s say I asked nicely and was allowed to enter”, he said, which is more or less what really happened. Misunderstandings aside.

“That’s good, ze. This way you can learn... Uh... Whatever you needed to learn, ze. Just ask Patchu if you need something”

“Please do not talk of me as the library guide”

Patchouili tried to act as if she was pissed, but she hardly gave that impression, it was more like she became so used to having uninvited intruders every once in a while that it was almost like having surprise visits from distant friends. This looks a lot like a Shadowrun mission plan, Mokuren realized, Except Shadowrun plans look good on paper and end up with everything blowing up, while it went the other way around here.

“I have not introduced myself”, he said to Patchouili, making a gentle bow, “My name is M-”

“Meimu”, Marisa intruded.

“... Well, whatever. I’m temporary assistant miko at the Hakurei shrine, pleased to meet you”.

Patchouili looked at him for a long moment, then she pointed a long and slender finger towards him, saying “Why are you wearing a Konkuro?”

“Uh...”, Konkuro? Cool, I’m source of japanese neologisms now, “It’s the one that destiny assigned me”

“I see”, Patchu seemed satisfied enough to return to her book, but then she remembered about something and looked back up at him, “By the way, Meimu, don’t take any books away like the witch does”

“Don’t worry... I need to learn fast anyways, so even if I wanted (and I want to underline I don’t) it wouldn’t be good if I-”

“Oh, Meimu, by the way”, Marisa interrupted him again, “What is it you need to learn now, ze? You can do danmaku and fly already, ze”

Yeah, except the part in which I suck at both, “Well...”, he shot a glance behind and around him... Where did Sakuya go? She probably had things to do... “... I still can’t do spellcards”

For the third time, Patchu looked up from her book, and this time it almost seemed as if she saw something that was worth more attention than reading, “Are you learning to make spellcards?”

“Oh... Yes!”, he however immediately composed himself, he didn’t want to sound too eager, or he might receive another lol i dunno-type answer, “See, I’m still a beginner, and I need to complete my training because... I have to confront tough opponents”

Patchu gave him another long stare, “Your power level is too low for you to face anything short of random fairies, are you sure you really stand a chance against your... Tough opponents?”

Long, embarassed silence, then Meimu Mokuren scratched his head, “Uh... No, that’s why we work in a team”

“Team?”, this time it was Alice to interrupt him, after she had just come back from who knows which depths of the library (Hourai and Shanghai following), “Marisa and I are a tightly-knit team and we aren’t accepting other members”

“Uh... I’m actually supposed to team up with Reimu...”, he said, and noticed (not without much fanboy enthusiasm) Alice’s face turn red as she just realized she said something about her liking Marisa and not wanting intruders. For the Nth time already.

“Uh... S-sure! I-I just wanted to s-say we’re... M-magicians. Yes, and we should stick together, so you two mikos should... Stick together too, yes”.

“Wasn’t Reimu teamed up with Yukari already?”, was Patchu’s uninterested comment.

“Yes, she is”, answered Moku, “Except... Well, except it seems Yukari’s going to be our opponent”.

This time the silence was so omnious and tense that it was almost like all life stopped. The fact there was little to no life already inside of Voile just made everything creepier, Ooops... I guess I shouldn’t have said that, he thought, but then he immediately added: Well, screw that, if I want to go back, I have to beat the crap out of Yukari, and since I don’t stand a chance alone anyways, it can’t hurt to have people know.

Moku felt a cold shiver run up his spine the moment Patchouili closed her book to focus all her attention into staring at him, “May I know why you, a perfect stranger, have to team up with Reimu, the most powerful human being in Gensokyo, and face Yukari, probably the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo?”.

And so, he had no choice but tell her and everyone else the whole story, starting from the very beginning.

The rest of the Scarlet Mansion was as elegant as the perfect expression of a mix between renaissance and gothic architecture could be, capturing its inhabitants in a wholly different dimension, the most beautiful dream of its owner. Except the owner was awake and well, and still alive in spite of the passage of time.

“... And that’s what she said!”

Flandre Scarlet was leaning with the elbows on the tea table, a most uncouth thing to do for a gentlewoman, but she had this childish enthusiasm that made up for every break of the etiquette.

Her sister, Remilia Scarlet, looked only maybe a year older or two, which meant she was still pre-teen anyways, at least in the looks, but her manners were the exact opposite of her sister’s.

“Most interesting”, she said. The tone of her voice was omnious and striking, in spite it was the voice of a twelve-years old girl, “Sakuya-san, allowing her inside was a wise choice from your part”

“T-thank you, mistress”, she said, bowing even lower than necessary, and for once losing a bit of that icy composure. Mistress made her a compliment, this would have given her sweet dreams of forbidden love tonight.

Remilia relaxed, leaning on the chair and slowly toying with her hair as the other hand kept a relaxed grip on the tea cup, “Destiny has started moving again in Gensokyo, Flandre, what do you think?”

“It’s going to be fun!”, her innocent smile betrayed the meaning of “fun”, Flandre’s “fun”.

“It surely is”, Remilia’s smile wasn’t innocent at all, it was devilish, plotting and ultimately leading to the Absolutely No Good end of whatever game she was playing, “Except the main pawn, this time, is in my hands”

Return to Mokuren

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