Stage 7:Crossing the lake (Part Two)

Victory Conditions

  • Defeat Momiji

Defeat Conditions

  • All allies are defeated

Bonus WP Conditions

  • Momiji is the last enemy unit defeated

Units in Play

  • Starting Units
Ally Unit Reimu Hakurei
Ally Unit Marisa Kirisame
Ally Unit Cirno
Ally Unit Daiyousei
Ally Unit 5 Units of Choice
Enemy Unit Youkai Crow x12
Enemy Unit Momiji Inubashiri
Enemy Unit Sanae Kochiya

Enemy Data

Unit Name Lv HP Maximum Range (Normal) Maximum Range (Focused) Points Yielded Number of Units Equipment Notes
Youkai Crow 9 4200 5 3 550 12 - One of them carries a bomb
Momiji Inubashiri 11 13800 5 2 2000 1 Firefly Light Pearl -
Sanae Kochiya 12 11500 5 4 1300 1 Rat's Tail Retreats at 50% HP

Stage Walkthrough

  • At the beggining of the stage, sheer MP and HP values will have dominance over power, transforming this stage in an attrition battle.
    • Reimu however starts out handicapped, as an event right when the stage starts reduces her HP, MP and Dream Seal uses.
    • However you can use Daiyousei or Keine's seishins to heal Reimu and help her regain some of her fighting power.
  • Crows will start to close in to you inmediately, so your first priority is to fall back and have Keine supporting Reimu.
  • Make use of the water to Reimu's devensive advantage, too. Crows can't attack too well underwater units.
  • In addition to Momiji's high HP, you'll have to deal with her Shield Defense skill, and her barrage cuts your movement heavily.
  • Also her Sword can deal heavy damage. However, the range is short, so playing keepaway is a good strategy.
    • Take Momiji's barrage in account, since your mobility is reduced.
  • Sanae will only move towards the lower right corner of the map until she retreats.
    • Defeating her is a whole different ball game, that shall be explained on it's due time.

Adjacent Stages

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