Stage 5: Shippu! Senpuu! Shameimaru!

Victory Conditions

  • Defeat Elly

Defeat Conditions

  • All allies are defeated

Bonus WP Conditions

  • At least 10 enemyunits are defeated

Units in Play

  • Starting Units
Ally Unit 4 Units of Choice
Enemy Unit Bakebake x4
Enemy Unit Evil Eye x4
Enemy Unit Elly x4
  • 4th Player Phase

Upper Left side of the map

NPC Reinforcements Aya Shameimaru
NPC Reinforcements Luna Child
NPC Reinforcements Sunny Milk
NPC Reinforcements Star Sapphire
Enemy Reinforcements Bakebake x2
Enemy Reinforcements Evil Eye x2

Enemy Data

Unit Name Lv HP Maximum Range (Normal) Maximum Range (Focused) Points Yielded Number of Units Equipment Notes
Bakebake 8 3800 2 2 500 4 - -
Evil Eye 8 3800 6 3 500 4 One of them carries a bomb -
Elly 10000 3 3 3000 1 Choice Draft -
Bakebake (Reinforcement) 7 3800 2 2 500 2 - -
Evil Eye (Reinforcement) 7 3800 6 3 500 2 - -

Note: On Normal, one of the reinforcements carries a bomb.

Stage Walkthrough

  • The Evil Eyes and Bakebake's barrages reduce your defenses quite largely, so you need to get rid of them soon.
    • However, if you take them out one by one, you'll have no problem, since the individual barrages aren't that much effective.
  • Take note that the Evil Eye's 3-6 range attack has the Laser Attribute. Thus, Rumia can defend herself easily.
  • When the NPC reinforcements arrive, they'll aim at Elly. They're nimble, so it's unlikely that they'll be shot down.
    • Due to their initial placement, you can take the enemy reinforcements easily.
    • In fact, chances are that the NPCs will take down half their HP on the Enemy Phase, should you decide to leave them alone.
      • However on Hard, they ignore the enemies and go straight for Elly.
  • The Fairies will only counterattack at first, until the fifth player phase.
  • Aya's attack has a 4-5 range, so she'll get to whack Elly from far.
  • Due to the placement of the Fairies, you should actively move to prevent them to kill any reinforcements, or the WP bonus will be lost.
  • Elly will refill her HP when it reaches 0.
  • Anyways, this is a somewhat easy stage since the enemy isn't that powerful.

Adjacent Stages

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