Stage 5: Daiyousei SOS

Victory Conditions

  • Defeat all enemies

Defeat Conditions

  • Daiyousei is defeated

Bonus WP Conditions

  • The average HP of your team at the end of the stage is 75%

Units in Play

  • Starting Units
Ally Unit Daiyousei
Enemy Unit Black Kedama x6
  • 3rd Player Phase
Ally Reinforcements Marisa Kirisame
  • 4th Player Phase
Ally Reinforcements Nitori Kawashiro
Ally Reinforcements Alice Margatroid

Enemy Data

Unit Name Lv HP Maximum Range (Normal) Maximum Range (Focused) Points Yielded Number of Units Equipment Notes
Black Kedama 8 4300 5 3 880 6 - -

Stage Walkthrough

  • You start surrounded by the enemy, heavily handicapped by their barrages.
    • However if you wait the reinforcements out still, you should only be attacked twice before Marisa and crew appear.
    • Reinforcements will appear towards the lower left side of the map, so take this in mind.
  • Kedamas will prioritize Daiyousei. She should only defend herself. Once the battle gets going, Daiyousei's healing skills make the WP bonus not that hard.
  • When Marisa appears she will use Illusion Laser to defeat one of the Kedamas. However it's not taken as an event, so the proper costs and gains apply.
  • On Lunatic, dealing with the barrages is very important. Thus, it's a good idea to use bombs to cut through them.

Adjacent Stages

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