Stage 2: Magician's Lie

Victory Conditions

  • Convince or defeat Alice
  • Defeat any of the Three Mischevious Fairies

Defeat Conditions

  • All allies are defeated

Bonus WP Conditions

  • All fairies are defeated except for the Three Mischevious Fairies

Units in Play

  • Starting Units
Ally Unit 2 Units of Choice
Enemy Unit Alice Margatroid
  • First Enemy Phase
Enemy Reinforcements Hourai Doll x4
  • Alice is Convinced or Defeated
Ally Reinforcements Alice Margatroid
Enemy Reinforcements Blue Fairy x3
Enemy Reinforcements Red Fairy x2
Enemy Reinforcements Sunny Milk
Enemy Reinforcements Luna Child
Enemy Reinforcements Star Sapphire

Enemy Data

Unit Name Lv HP Maximum Range (Normal) Maximum Range (Focused) Points Yielded Number of Units Equipment Notes
Alice Margatroid 8 6800 5 4 4400 1 Tengu's Fan Magic Barrier, Holds Spell Cards
Hourai Doll 6 2300 3 3 330 4 - -
Blue Fairy 6 3000 4 4 550 3 - -
Red Fairy 6 3400 6 3 770 2 - -
Luna Child 7 4100 6 2 1430 1 Beer -
Sunny Milk 7 4000 4 4 1320 1 Choice Draft -
Star Sapphire 7 3900 5 3 1540 1 Beer -

Stage Walkthrough

  • Since Alice drops a quite high amount of points, and the Tengu's Fan, defeating her instead of convincing her is a good choice.
    • It's somewhat harder to hit Alice than Momiji back at stage 1, so make use of the Save & Load feature.
  • Her barrage has a safespot on point-blank range, however, the barrage itself cuts heavily your movement...
    • Thus, using Narrow Spark + Monster Cucumber from outside is also rather reliable.
    • However if you made use of Marisa's Effort Seishin on last stage, she should have learned the Accel Seishin by now, that allows her to close in on Alice much faster.
  • Once the Fairies appear, you should go after the small fries first, since Sunny's barrage makes all enemies inside of it impossible to attack. Have in mind that once Sunny dispels her barrage, Luna will cast another one.
    • Try to consider the items and points the fairies yield before choosing one to defeat.
  • On Lunatic, even a Narrow Spark + Monster Cucumber combo won't be enough to defeat Alice, so two will be needed.
  • On Lunatic, Hourai Dolls will possess a Magic Barrier too, so you should attack them with Melee weapons.

Adjacent Stages

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