Stage 1: Shrine Maiden of Paradise

Victory Conditions

  • Defeat all Enemies

Defeat Conditions

  • Any ally is defeated

Bonus WP Conditions

  • Stage is cleared within 5 turns

Units in Play

  • Starting Units
Ally Unit Reimu Hakurei
Enemy Unit Blue Fairy x3
Enemy Unit Red Fairy x5
  • Third Player Phase

Bottom of the Map

Ally Reinforcements Keine Kamishirasawa

Enemy Data

Unit Name Lv HP Maximum Range (Normal) Maximum Range (Focused) Points Yielded Number of Units
Blue Fairy 6 3000 4 4 500 3
Red Fairy 6 3400 6 3 700 5

Stage Walkthrough

  • For the first turn, be careful not to move within the range of the fairies closest to Reimu.
  • This is an introductory stage, so it's not that hard. Thus, when you can you should close in to attack aggresively.
    • If you move to the pond behind the shrine, Reimu will talk about Genji. However, this makes the WP Bonus condition hard to accomplish.
  • In the third turn, Keine will join your side. She's a tank-like character, so don't be afraid to shove her inside the Fairy group. Even if she does lose HP, her Trust Seishin can recover it quickly.
    • However, Reimu's much more weak to attacks. Thus, it's a good idea to save often in the middle of battle.
  • If the WP Bonus seems difficult to get on Lunatic, don't be afraid to give up. Lunatic is very harsh on these.

Adjacent Stages

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