Seishin, also known as Spirit Commands, are powerful abilities that you can cast anytime on your turn, at the cost of the character's SP. These can really turn the battle in your favor when needing that extra push, so knowing about them is very important, specially later on the game.

Seishin Chart

Name Target Effect Standard Cost
Hot Blood Self Double the damage dealt by the next attack. 40 SP
Flash Self Next attack received will have 0% hit rate. 15 SP
Invincible Self Next attack received will only deal 10 damage. 15 SP
Iron Wall Self For 1 turn, all damage received will be halved. 25 SP
Focus Self For 1 turn, evasion and hit rate will be increased by 30%. 15 SP
Sure Hit Self For 1 turn, all attacks done by the unit will have 100% hit rate. 20 SP
Accel Self On the unit's next movement, the unit will be able to move 3 more spaces. The effect remains until the unit moves. 15 SP
Vigor Self The unit recovers 30% HP. 20 SP
Guts Self The unit recovers all HP. 35 SP
Trust Ally The allied unit recovers 2000 HP. 20 SP
Yell Self The unit gains 10 power. 35 SP
Mercy Self If the unit's next attack is a kill, it leaves the enemy with 10 HP instead. 5 SP
Scan Enemy The enemy unit's data is fully displayed, like if it was attacked already. 1 SP
Luck Self Double the points gained on the next attack. 40 SP
Effort Self Double the experience gained on the next attack. 20 SP
Cheer Ally Cast Effort on an ally. 30 SP
Intuition Self Cast Flash and Sure Hit on the unit. 25 SP
Direct Attack Self Next attack will bypass any barrier, defensive ability or support defense. ?? SP

Lookup Chart (By learning level)

Seishin Character (Level learned)
Hot Blood Marisa (18) Cirno (23)
Flash Marisa (10) Alice (14) Daiyousei (18) Akyu (1)
Invincible Cirno (1)
Iron Wall Keine (16) Nitori (1)
Focus Reimu (7) Alice (1) Nitori (13) Youmu (10) Sakuya (1)
Sure Hit Marisa (29) Keine (8) Cirno (14) Rumia (9) Sakuya (1)
Accel Marisa (7) Youmu (1)
Vigor Rumia (1)
Guts Cirno (1)
Trust Keine (1) Daiyousei (1) Akyu (10)
Yell Youmu (1)
Mercy Alice (1)
Scan Nitori (1) Akyu (1)
Luck Reimu (13)
Effort Marisa (1)
Cheer Daiyousei (11)
Intuition Reimu (1)
Direct Attack Rumia (19)

Lookup Chart (By SP cost)

Seishin Character (Cost)
Hot Blood Marisa (40) Cirno (??)
Flash Marisa (15) Alice (15) Daiyousei (15) Akyu (10)
Invincible Cirno (15)
Iron Wall Keine (25) Nitori (20)
Focus Reimu (15) Alice (15) Nitori (20) Youmu (15) Sakuya (15)
Sure Hit Marisa (??) Keine (20) Cirno (20) Rumia (20) Sakuya (20)
Accel Marisa (15) Youmu (15)
Vigor Rumia (20)
Guts Cirno (35)
Trust Keine (20) Daiyousei (15) Akyu (15)
Yell Youmu (35)
Mercy Alice (5)
Scan Nitori (1) Akyu (1)
Luck Reimu (40)
Effort Marisa (20)
Cheer Daiyousei (30)
Intuition Reimu (25)
Direct Attack Rumia (20)
  • Like on the newer SRW games, some characters may have different costs for certain seishin.

Commentary (For those who aren't initiated on SRW games)

  • Hot Blood
    • One of the most powerful Seishin commands.
    • It simply doubles the damage dealt to the enemy, becoming a powerful aid.
    • However, it is not a seishin to spam willingly, as it's costly.
    • So use it on the moment you really need it.
  • Flash
    • Another powerful Seishin command.
    • This makes you able to dodge attacks reliably, becoming a great advantage.
    • The enemy will have 0% chance of hitting you, so you won't receive any damage.
    • It's also somewhat cheap, so you can use it more calmly.
    • However it only works for a single attack, so if it's spent on the weakest enemy of a group, you'll have trouble.
    • If the defending unit has Flash and the attacker has Sure Hit, the efect of Flash will prevail and the attack will be a miss.
  • Invincible
    • A Variant of Flash. Of course, it's powerful too.
    • The affected unit will only receive 10 damage on the next hit they get, helping greatly on survival of weaker units.
    • Note that it still works like a hit. So, any secondary effects will be triggered.
    • Only Cirno can use it for now, but it's highly useful for her.
  • Iron Wall
    • A highly useful defensive seishin that halves the damage you receive.
    • It's a little bit nerfed if you compare it to the effect this gives on recent SRW games (1/4 damage).
    • This is actually similar to the older version of this seishin (Doubled your armor rating).
    • Even if it's costly, it works for a whole turn, increasing your survivality.
  • Focus
    • Yet another powerful seishin.
    • It increases both your hit rate and your dodge rate by 30%, allowing for a good edge in both attack and defense.
    • This works as a multiplier for hit rate bonuses, so if a weapon has a +10 to hit rate, it doesn't mean your hit rate will increase by 40%.
    • This may work for you to dodge powerful attacks more easily, but it's not a certainity.
    • It's very cheap for it's effect, so be sure of making good use out of it.
  • Sure Hit
    • Once again, one of the staple high-power seishin.
    • Your attacks will not miss with this, giving you a strong advantage.
    • It comes to play when you wanna be sure your powerful attacks will land.
    • However, if the enemy has Flash casted, the attack will fail.
    • This doesn't disable instant evade skills like Sword Cut, but it does remove barriers.
  • Accel
    • A seishin that's very useful when in a pinch.
    • Made for those moments you need a little bit more punch on your movement.
    • Useful when there's a turn limit, or the map is large.
    • It's also useful to get quickly to the blind point of barrages.
    • Speed Reduction is mantained, however.
  • Vigor
    • An useful seishin used when you need to hold up a little longer.
    • Recovers 30% HP. However, it may not be cost-effective when compared to Guts.
    • Becomes more useful as your max HP increases, however.
    • Thanks to this, Rumia's ability to survive is greatly increased.
  • Guts
    • Improved version of Vigor, made for High HP units.
    • However, only Cirno has this, and since her armor and HP are low, it's mostly a needless expense.
  • Trust
    • A cost-effective healing seishin.
    • It also allows healing without the need of moving a healer to the front lines.
    • Since on this game the HP amounts aren't that high, this seishin becomes a good option for supporters.
  • Yell
    • Increases your power quickly, allowing you to use weapons that need a certain amount of power faster.
    • Also increases somewhat your attack and defense.
    • However, it's pretty expensive to use.
    • With time, you won't need this as your units will obtain power with ease by attacking the enemies.
  • Mercy
    • Made to help weaker characters on leveling.
    • Leaves the enemy with a critical HP without killing it, avoiding the need of worrying about an accidental kill.
    • It also works on Map attacks, allowing you to get a whole bunch of units on a critical state.
  • Scan
    • A seishin designed to help you gather intel.
    • It's a good idea if you have SP to spare.
    • If you're facing a boss for the first time, it'll allow you to know about any map weapons or skills you'd want to take note of.
    • It won't tell you if the enemy escapes on a certain HP value, however.
  • Luck
    • Some say this is the strongest seishin of them all.
    • There are a lot of enemies that this can be useful on, but only Reimu can use it, making the seishin somewhat less useful.
    • Thus, it's not that effective.
  • Effort
    • Made to be casted on the moment you destroy a big enemy.
    • Since the unit that casts this will have a higher level, that unit will level up more slowly on the long run.
  • Cheer
    • Effort for teammates. Use it when you need someone to catch up quickly.
  • Intuition
    • Flash + Sure Hit. If these are strong seishin, this one is even better.
    • There's a small reduction of cost when compared to the separate seishin, too.
    • However you see yourself forced to have both effects casted, so it's not that good when you only want one.
    • Reimu comes with it, so on the start of the game, it's not that cost-freindly.

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