Power in this game is pretty much the same as Morale on regular SRW Games. It affects the damage you deal, receive and also allows you to use more powerful skills and weapons as it grows.

Personality Chart

Each character has a personality that influences the amount of Power they get with each action.

Personality Enemy Takes a Hit Enemy Evades the Attack Enemy is Defeated Character Takes a Hit Character Evades an Attack Ally is Destroyed
Firm +1 0 +5 +1 +1 +1
Very Firm +2 -1 +5 +2 0  ?
Calm +2 0 +4 0 +2 0
Prudent +1 0 +4 +1 +2 +1
Optimist 0 +3 +5 +1 +1 0
Cunning +1 +1 0 0 +2 +2
Mad +2 +2  ? +2  ?  ?
ドS +3  ? +3 +3  ? +1
Noble  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?

Other Power Modificators

When shooting down an enemy, all your units will gain 1 Power. Same applies to the Enemy. Using the Supply command will reduce the unit's Power by 10. Using the Spiritual Attack (Bomb) will also reduce the unit's Power by 10.

Ally Personality Chart

Firm Marisa, Keine, Nitori, Youmu, Sakuya, Hourai Doll
Very Firm Reimu, Cirno
Calm Alice
Prudent Daiyousei, Akyu
Optimist Rumia

Enemy Personality Chart

Firm Sakuya, Elly, Kurumi, Momiji, Koakuma, Sunny Milk
Very Firm Cirno, Meiling, Sanae
Calm Alice, Patchouli
Prudent Luna Child
Optimist Rumia
Cunning Star Sapphire
Mad Flandre
ドS Yuka
Noble Remilia

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