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Speaker Parody Originally
Reimu"If it won't hit, it's nothing to worry about!""If it won't hit, it's nothing to worry about!"
  • Char Aznable from Gundam
Marisa"Here's your change, keep it!" "Here's your change, keep it!"
  • Masaki from Cybuster
Youmu "I am Konpaku Youmu, the sword that smites falsehood!" "I am Sanger Zonvolt the sword that smites evil!"
  • Sanger Zonvolt from Super Robot Wars OG
Youmu "I'll name this... MEI SOU ZAN!" "I'll name this...DANKUU KOUGA KEN!"
  • Shinobu from Dancouger
Nitori"Punch'em Robo! ...Robo?" "Punch'em Robo!"
  • Daisaku from Giant Robo
  • Haran Banjou from Daitaan 3
Patchouli "In the name of the moon...""In the name of the moon, I punish you!"
  • Sailor Moon
Kurumi"Take this! Dododo,Dodonpachi!
  • Dodonpachi (Game)


-Marisa's theme "BE A SHOOTING STAR~Casket of Star" sounds similar to "TIME TO COME" from SRW4
-Keine's theme "The Iron Brain~Plain Asia" sounds similar to "Trombe!" and "ICE MEN" from SRW OG

Battle Animation

-The attack "Ghost Half" has a similar animation to Grungust's "Boost Knuckle"

-"Cucumber" Resembles the beam saber from the Gundam mechs.

-"Gray Thaumaturgy" resembles Cybuster's "Discutter"

-"The Scarlet Gensoukyou" resembles the "Third Impact" from Evangelion.

Other Parodies

-The title of the 5th chapter in Reimu's route is "Shippuu! Senpuu! Shameimaru!"

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