• Songs are unlocked once you listen to them. If you turn the animations off, the song will not be unlocked.
No. Song Title Unlocking Condition
1 Fantasy Maiden Wars ~ Mystic Dream From the Start
2 Beginning of the Red Dream ~ Scarlet Dream Demo song
3 Preparation for the Incoming Games ~ Hourai Legend Intermission
4 For Gensokyo's Tomorrow ~ Wandering about a Ghostly Field in the Night Map Music (Ally Phase 1)
5 Greenwich Battlefield ~ Greenwich in the Sky Map Music (Ally Phase 2)
6 少女よ修羅を越えろ ~ Boundary Between Dreams and Reality Map Music (Ally Phase 3)
7 Late Profusion ~ Strange Bird of the Moon, Illusion of Mysterious Cat Map Music (Ally Phase 4)
8 Barrage Tactics ~ Satellite Cafe Map Music (Enemy Phase 1)
9 Youkai Attack ~ Retribution for the Eternal Night Map Music (Enemy Phase 2)
10 In Still Time ~ Blue Sea of 53 Minutes Map Music (Enemy Phase 3)
11 Dreadful Monster Reinforcement ~ Satori Maiden Enemy Reinforcements
12 SCARLET PRESSURE ~ The Young Descendant of Tepes Map Music (Battle Against Remilia)
13 Crimson Soul ~ Scarlet Beyond a Crimson Dream Map Music (Battle Against Flandre)
14 Boundary Between Ordinary and Extraordinary ~ Legend of Aokigahara Conversation Part BGM
15 What's the Strategy? ~ Forest of Dolls Conversation Part BGM
16 Secret Mission! ~ Argue For and Against Conversation Part BGM
17 His Dream is Here ~ Hiroshige No. 36 Conversation Part BGM
18 Transparent Enemy or Doubtful Ally ~ Mary the Magician Conversation Part BGM
19 Bizarre Smile ~ Strange Oriental Discourse Conversation Part BGM
20 Critical Nearing Raid ~ Sacred Grounds of the Solar Faith Conversation Part BGM
21 Dark Clouds ~ Ancient Temple in the Netherworld Conversation Part BGM
22 SPECTER BUSTER ~ Mystic Oriental Love Consultation Reimu's Normal Battle Theme
23 Charming Seal of Light ~ Witching Dream Reimu's "Dream Seal" Battle Theme
24 BE A SHOOTING STAR ~ Vessel of Stars Marisa's Normal Battle Theme
25 Reach that Dream Star Now ~ Dim.Dream Marisa's "Master Spark" Battle Theme
26 Steel Brain ~ Plain Asia Keine's Battle Theme
27 Aquatic Antiair Super Youkai Warhead NITORI ~ Akugatawa Ryuunosuke's Kappa Nitori's Battle Theme
28 DANCING DOLL ~ Doll Judgement Alice's Battle Theme
29 Love for Hand-Made Dolls ~ Dollmaker of Bucuresti Shanghai and Hourai Dolls' Battle Theme
30 Light Sword, One Flash ~ Mystic Oriental Dream Youmu's Battle Theme
31 Burdened Cross Escaping on the Dark Night ~ Apparitions Stalk the Night Rumia's Battle Theme
32 Named Staff on the Quiet Lake (Best Friend) ~ Lunate Elf Daiyousei's Battle Theme
33 Flap & Frappe & Flappe ~ Beloved Tomboyish Girl Cirno's Battle Theme
34 Maiden who Weaves History with a Brush ~ Japanese Saga Akyu's Battle Theme
35 Orange Fancy ~ Diao Ye Zong Interruption event featuring Chen
36 Guarding White Wolf ~ Fall of Fall Momiji's Battle Theme
37 Shippu! Senpuu! Shameimaru! ~ Wind God Girl Aya's Battle Theme
38 Give Birth to the Sea and the Wind ~ Faith is for the Transient People Sanae's Battle Theme
39 Refractive Curiosity ~ Sunny Rutile Flection Sunny's Battle Theme
40 Spring is Here But It's Not ~ Sleepless Due to the Night Luna's Battle Theme
41 Trickster Girl ~ In Regards to Fairy Brilliance Star's Battle Theme
42 Shine Brightly, Small Future ~ Refrain of the Lovely Great War Mischevious Fairies' Combination Attack Battle Theme
43 Maiden Standing Before the Dream Door ~ Spirit Battle Elly's Normal Battle Theme
44 Creeping Dream ~ Spirit Battle Elly's Stage Theme
45 Scarlet Phoneme, Float Above the Lake ~ Scarlet Symphony Kurumi's Battle Theme
46 Animated Despair ~ Sleeping Terror Yuka's Normal Battle Theme
47 Roar Towards the Full Moon, Beauties of Nature ~ Gensokyo Past and Present Yuka's "Master Spark" Battle Theme
48 Protect! Chinese Maiden! ~ Shanghai Teahouse Meiling's Battle Theme
49 Persistent Innocent Mind ~ Voile Magical Library Koakuma's Battle Theme
50 One Week Witch ~ Locked Girl Patchouli's Battle Theme
51 DISTORTION DIAL ~ Lunar Clock Luna Dial Sakuya's Normal Battle Theme
52 Crumbling Silver Edge ~ The Young Descendant of Tepes Sakuya's "Eternal Meek" Battle Theme
53 Eternally Young Scarlet Color ~ Septette For the Dead Princess Remilia's Battle Theme
54 Unbalanced Unknown ~ Centennial Festival for Magical Girls Flandre's Stage 13 Marisa Route Battle Theme
55 FRANTIC DESTROYER ~ U.N. Owen Was Her? Flandre's Last Stage Battle Theme
56 Sea's Scarlet Rippling Emotion ~ Crimson Beyond a Fleeting Eternity Ending Theme
57 Blue Skies Beyond This Fine Mist ~ Scarlet Cherry Blossom Staff Roll Theme
58 Hunt for the Cute Guest ~ U.N. Owen Was Her? Flandre's Stage 13 Marisa Route Battle Event Theme

Easy to Miss Songs

  • Love for Hand-Made Dolls ~ Dollmaker of Bucuresti
    • The units must be summoned by Alice's Wife Bonus command, and the doll must battle.
  • Maiden who Weaves History with a Brush ~ Japanese Saga
    • Akyu can only engage in combat on Reimu Route's Stage 4.
  • Orange Fancy ~ Diao Ye Zong
    • You have to see Chen's Interruption Scene to unlock this. Interrupt and then Load the battle Again if you have no choice.
  • Refractive Curiosity ~ Sunny Rutile Flection, Spring is Here But It's Not ~ Sleepless Due to the Night, Trickster Girl ~ In Regards to Fairy Brilliance
    • These won't play if the fairies use their combination attack. If you have some trouble, you can fight them on Marisa's Stage 2.
  • Roar Towards the Full Moon, Beauties of Nature ~ Gensokyo Past and Present
    • You need to engage an event on stage 10 for Yuka to use Master Spark.
  • Hunt for the Cute Guest ~ U.N. Owen Was Her?
    • This song is triggered by a Secret Event on Marisa's Stage 13.

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