Playable Characters

Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, and Sakuya Izayoi, are playable characters unlocked from the start, and two unlockable characters - Flandre Scarlet and Aya Shameimaru. For the list of towers that can be built, see Gensokyo Tower Defense: Towers.

Enemy Characters

Each type of enemy character has a normal form, and an enlarged boss form. The boss versions have more hit points, but also give more power when defeated.

E fairy Fairies

Basic normal enemies. There are four visually distinct types, but there are no real differences between them.

E eye Evil Eye

Youkai-type enemy. Slower than normal enemies, but has damage resistance properties. Each level the evil eye has reduces damage inflicted to it by one point. (Thus, for example, a level 0 Homing Amulet would be incapable of damaging a level 9 Evil Eye: 5 damage - 9 EE level < 0.)

E crow Crow

Enemies with the highest movement speed. Despite being birds, they cannot fly over anything on the ground. Greater difficulty effect: higher speed.

E wool Kedama

Individual kedama aren't much different than the fairies in behavior...

E bigwool Double Kedama

However, some of the kedama come in pairs. When a pair is defeated, the kedama in the pair split apart, and continue on as separate enemies. The force of the splitting can propel them across narrow portions of your walls. An unsplit pair reaching the exit does only 1 damage to your health, but a split pair can do 2 damage. Also note that only the initial split grants you any power items and points; defeating formerly joined fluff balls gives you nothing. Greater difficulty effect: divides twice on hard, three times(?) on lunatic.

E ghost Death Butterfly

Normally takes minimal damage. However, each character has a tower called the "Spirit Sucking Field" which lowers their defense, making them much easier to kill.

E chilno Cirno

Acts like a normal fairy, but if the path to the exit is changed the slightest bit, Cirno gets confused and halts for a second.

E lumia Rumia

Youkai-type enemy. Favors dark places. Generates an area of darkness, so that Rumia, surrounding characters, and their lifebars cannot be seen. Multiple Rumia will totally blacken the area, making it difficult to try to place new towers, target enemies, and select your own towers.

E mistia Mystia Lorelei

Commonly appears in the Forest of Magic. Flying Youkai-type. They have an invisible radius around them, which lowers the radius of all towers. Boss Mystia has a greater radius of effect.

E lily Lily White

Lily simply makes a beeline for the exit, flying over any obstacles in her way.

E labbit Tewi

Commonly appears in the Bamboo Forest. Unlike other enemies, Tewi takes a shortcut to the nearest exit, going from left to bottom, and top to right.

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