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Fun Facts

  • "Gengetsu" means "illusory moon" when the kanji are read separately; read together they mean "paraselene" or "moondog", which is a type of optical illusion.
  • The title of Lotus Land Story's Extra Stage is "Puckish Angel", and the white wings that she has look like angel's wings... For a demon, she's quite angelic...
  • The final events of Lotus Land Story occurred in a "Dream World." The place Mugetsu and Gengetsu reside in appears to be yet another dream world.
  • Her boss theme contains a short part of Yuuka's Stage 5 boss theme, Sleeping Terror. Also, the main melody is quite similar to Sakuya's Stage 5 boss theme, Luna Dial. However, it is quite common for Touhou songs to have allusions to other songs.
  • Gengetsu is able to fire a laser similar in appearance to Marisa's Master Spark.
    • The only difference from Master Spark is that while shooting, there would be lines of bullets and Gengetsu will be also shooting tiny bullets too.
  • The optional timeout phase of her last attack pattern has been given the nickname "Gengetsu Rape Time" by western players because of its extremely fast and hard to dodge bullets.

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