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Gengetsu in Fan Culture

  • In some instances, Gengetsu (along with her sister Mugetsu) have been shown with Nue Houjuu from Undefined Fantastic Object. Early into the Lotus Land Story Extra Stage, there is a ball of light that, like any other enemy, tries to stop the heroine from continuing. Since Nue was the ball of light that attacked the heroine in stages 4 and 6 of UFO, that's probably the reason why.
  • Fans depicted her with an insane and bloody personality. This maybe because the name of her Music Theme "Cute Devil~ Innocence".
    • Many fans compare her with Flandre Scarlet for this fact, and in some Fanworks are seen together.
    • Or sometimes with her sister Mugetsu, both covered in blood.
  • Since her sprite sheet had shown one of her legs invisible in the game, some fans had also copied the style that her legs are shown incomplete.

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